Design: Capturing the Heart of your Brand

By Stacy |  May 19, 2017 (5 min read)


Humans are visual creatures — over 90% of data processed and consumed by the brain is visual information.  In 2017, visual design and branding are more important than ever.  A company’s branding weighs more heavily than the ability of their sales department to cold call clients. Forbes suggests that rather than pushing your product onto lukewarm users, brand cultivation pulls in clients who are more likely to be genuine, supportive, and promote your product.

Take a look at 3 reasons why you should invest in growing and nurturing your brand.

Colors that pop

  • Chose colors and designs that clearly embody your brand and help users associate those colors with your products, also known as brand recognition. Make your product memorable by choosing colors that pop and convey a message and personality.
  • Clean+Green utilizes a bright green on its site to invoke brand recognition, but it also conveys an environmentally friendly purpose. It contrasts with a cool purple to round out its palette.
Clean+Green Website Design

Photos with personality

  • Photos are like windows to the soul — they can convey your personality to a customer, and help you connect with them without being overbearing. Authentic photography can provide another dimension to your brand which can be used in conjunction with your brand aesthetic and marketing.
  • Health Mate Saunas’ primary imagery is authentic and custom to their product and brand. They showcase the saunas’ features while also fitting in warmly with the rest of their brand.  This conveys a relaxed, health-focused, and modern product.
Health Mate Sauna Website Design

Clean, minimalist design

  • Less is more — your site should have content refined to suit your customer’s needs.  Focus on implementing minimalist, concise imagery and messaging to adopt and convert new users. Identify what you want the users to see and act on.
  • The HyperX product pages meld minimalism and brand colors in a concise way.  They showcase the reasons why a customer should buy their product by sticking to their brand language and aesthetic. Each section  focuses on a different feature with wording and detailed photographs, but neither are distracting by being too loud or in-your-face.
HyperX Website Design

Implementing relatively simple visual changes and design choices make a world of difference when communicating and connecting with your clients.  Investing in thoughtful decisions and changes can mean the future of your product.  Learning and understanding your own brand personality is only part of the modern design battle. At Brandastic, we are an Orange County marketing, advertising, and design agency that can help you understand your brand challenges, and develop solutions to help you overcome them.  To learn how we can support your branding and design needs, contact us today at 1.888.339.5275 or contact us and see how we can ignite your potential!




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