Holiday Marketing Strategies for Your Orange County Business

By Erin |  Dec 17, 2013 (5 min read)

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The holiday season is in full swing, and it is not too late to tighten up your marketing strategies. This includes making sure you have a solid plan for your email, social outlets, website, and traditional methods like print. Here are a few tips to implement your marketing strategy to its full potential.

Retarget Your Website Visitors

Retargeting involves sending advertisements to those customers that have visited your website. These ads are usually delivered via other websites that these customers visit. However, small businesses often forget that retargeting can be done through email and Facebook if you have a way to capture the identity of the individuals that visit your website. Send these customers a coupon, or send them an email indicating that you ‘miss them’ or that there are items sitting in their shopping cart. Incentivize your customers to return and purchase without having to spend money on ads.  You can also send emails on new products, recommended products, or site-wide discounts that run for a short period of time.


Getting a wide variety of likes is not really what brings revenue in through a Facebook campaign. Go deeper – send personal messages to a small subset of customers. Specifically, deliver targeted ads to a select few. You want raving fans, not simply passerby ‘likers.’


If you are not on Pinterest now, you should be. Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than Twitter and Facebook.


If your business is mostly web-based, you must pay attention to the different electronics your customers are using. Computers, tablets, smartphones – it is important to determine how your content renders for each device and make sure there are smooth segues into your website.

Reality Check

The shopping season was shorter this year than in 2012. Consumers are more price-sensitive due to daily deals, Groupon, social media incentives, etc. There may be some fluctuation in your numbers this year, but the end of 2013 is a perfect time to regroup and tighten strategies before next year, including revamping your Orange County Web Design.

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