LinkedIn Posts to get Your Business out there!

With 380 million users as of July 2015, LinkedIn has become one of the most compelling ways to compete in the social arena for businesses. A platform more content driven then Facebook or Twitter, it is a wonderful tool to give valuable information to others related in your field.

Here are the top 5 tips for sharing company updates in this social space.

Concise Titles

Your title should be concise but clear and engaging. Questions are often eye catching as well as specific data and “sharable information” like statistics, quotes, and quantitative results.

Add a Link

Important to attract the viewer, a URL link to a dedicated page is also beneficial to drive people through the conversion funnel. You don’t want to highlight a new product without giving an easy access point to purchase or get more info.

Include image of media

Content with images receive more engagement. Add some color to your thoughts with bright, branded imagery and make your content easily digestible for your viewer. Shorter sentences and more visuals make your point more likely to get across on media platforms that have scrolling feeds or a lot of information.

With so many platforms, its important to remember that your home and focus should be your website. Drive traffic there and use LinkedIn as a way to attract the desired customers to your door. For more marketing strategies, call Brandastic and see how we can Ignite your Potential®.



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