3 Google Algorithm Updates for Ecommerce Business [VIDEO]

By Andy |  Oct 19, 2018 (5 min read)

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Over the years, Google has continued to update its search algorithm. Their aim has always been to make search results more effective, and to reduce the amount of Black Hat SEO tricks that some people have used to artificially increase their SERP position.

Search algorithms may not seem to have much impact on a day-to-day basis, but over time they radically alter the results people get when they type search queries into Google. This means that businesses that rely on Google rankings for organic traffic can be affected without even knowing why.

Here are the three important search algorithm changes that matter most for people running an ecommerce business.


This update was released in February 2011 and was Google’s attempt to reduce the tactics of duplicate content and keyword stuffing. This was a tactic where some websites would add extra keywords into the header and footer or try to hide them with white text. Essentially this was an update that ensured websites were more honest. They had to have content that was relevant to the topic, not just keywords that matched the search query.


This algorithm change was introduced in August 2013, and was the first time that Google showed an interest in the intent of the search engine users. Instead of directly linking results to words, the focus broadened to include what people were asking about. Sometimes known as semantic search, this meant that results that answered the questions better started to rank better.


The latest update is a huge step forward for artificial intelligence, and how computers understand humans. The Google Rankbrain update was launched around October 2015, and used Machine Learning, meaning that the computer teaches itself, rather than being updated by humans.

What does Rankbrain mean for search results? Search results become a lot more 3D after this update. The results take into consideration the interests, location and search history of each individual user. Context also matters so you must make sure that your products and services are clearly defined around the methods people use to find them.


These three algorithmic updates may seem like geek-speak, but they do have an effect on the way that the search results show up. As Google continues to become more useful and more personalized, it is important to stay on top of the updates and know how to better focus your SEO strategy for the future.

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