5 Traits of a Reputable SEO Agency [VIDEO]

By Ben |  Aug 5, 2019 (4 min read)

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One of the problems with SEO is that it’s still a relatively new field. A lot of people have misconceptions about how it works, or precisely what SEO is.

To help you shortcut the process, here are five traits of the best SEO agencies that typically deliver what they promise.

1) Realistic Goals

If an SEO agency promises that you will hit the first page of Google in a short amount of time,  they are probably lying to try to get your business.

SEO is a long-term process that needs to be evaluated for success over a period of time. Look for an agency that has a comprehensive long-term strategy to bring visibility and traffic to your site. 

2) Quality Referrals

Online reviews and directories should be taken with a grain of salt as agencies can pay a fee to rank higher or to look favorable.

One way to get a feel for the agency is to ask for testimonials from their past clients. You might even reach out to the previous clients and inquire about the agencies work. Past clients are the best way to gain first-hand knowledge of the quality of their SEO services.  

3) Transparency

Transparency is a critical aspect of any client-agency relationship. An agency should be able to communicate the goals, tactics, and the strategy for the campaigns they will run for you. This information should be easy to understand and digest and not full of technical jargon. You should also be able to share with the agency what your goals are, and they should be able to align with them.

4) Case Studies

A case study is a great way to evaluate how an agency tackles problems and think through the solutions they’re trying to get for you. Look for agencies that publish case studies on their site, or at the very least ask if they can provide some for you. 

5) Experience

SEO isn’t something you can study in school, and unlike PPC, it’s hard to obtain reputable certifications for SEO.

The best way to learn SEO is to do SEO. See from the Top SEO companies, one tactic is to research the agency’s employees on LinkedIn to gain a feel for the team’s experience and overall expertise.

 Working with an SEO should be a long-term partnership. If you want to see real organic growth, it’s vital that the agency you choose aligns with your goals, and can deliver what they promise.

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