Breaking Through the Noise 

As the interest in content continues, marketing channels will inevitably cloud the market. It is imperative that competitive websites stay ahead of the game by producing continual quality content to raise their website’s SEO rankings. But getting heard in a sea of marketing is not as hard as you may think. Below are our tried and true tips to break through the noise and create quality content with powerful SEO effects.

Being Personal

Being personal through your content, and inflicting your brand voice consistently is one of the greatest assets of writing a blog for your site. Through you blog you can connect your audience with your company on a personal and emotional level, by giving them valuable information about your respective field, or entertaining them with interesting content. Connect with your customers and establish your brand online.

Robust Content

Everyone knows that you lose your audience if you go on forever. Finding the middle ground between brevity and SEO-conscious content can be a challenge, but not when you focus on robustness. Content should be around 200 words, to appease Google’s algorithms, but should focus more on delivering quality content as quickly as possible. Don’t use 70 words when 20 will do, as you will use readers, and readers are a better estimate of quality content than length.

 Consistent Publishing

In order for audiences to understand your brand voice, they need multiple instances to be able to connect your style with your company. Your website is one, but your blog can be a separate instance entirely. Offering information in your company’s tone, be it sarcastic or humorous, can help engage readers and make it a personal experience every time.

Never underestimate the power of a personal blog. With so much of our communications happening in front of computers, it is time to bring a friendly face back into online marketing and strategy. Care to start a new blog but don’t know how to begin, Brandastic is here to help. Contact us for more information on how you can boost your SEO and its effects on your website’s traffic.







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