Creating Engaging Content With SEO

By Megan |  Feb 25, 2015 (5 min read)


The trove of information in the Internet archives is endless, but with technology and industries growing and evolving at a fast pace, content quickly becomes outdated. Fresh sources for content are necessary and even vital to keep your site at the top of search results and in favor of the inquisitive consumer.


This is why content matters.


Your Site Becomes Useful

Most business sites are in the throng to convert a viewer to a consumer, and that’s great! But constantly being prodded to purchase, join, or give valuable personal information gets tiresome. Give back to your audience, by offering interesting, relevant information in your blogs. This builds customer loyalty and lets viewers know you have something they want.


Original Content Helps SEO

A beautiful site won’t be seen if it is stuck in the abyss that is Google’s second page and onward.


“A sample of over 8 million clicks shows that over 94% of users clicked on a first-page result and less than 6% actually clicked to the second page and selected a result displayed there.” – Gravitate Online


Updating your site with relevant, original content will increase your search engine optimization score, and implicitly your ranking on search engines, including Google. This will make it easier for existing and new customers to find your business.


It All Starts With Keywords

The building block of all good SEO copywriting is keyword research. You might be writing amazing content, but without search volume, it will simply get lost in the abyss.


There are plenty of helpful tools to help you pinpoint the best possible keywords for your content. Once you have a solid list of terms, use that as a building block for whatever you’re writing and watch as your search rank soars.


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