Designing With Emotion

By Melissa |  Feb 13, 2015 (5 min read)


Websites are an extension of your brand. The difficulty in communicating your story is exacerbated by the sheer amount of websites vying for the attention of a finite audience. Not only do you have to get the masses there, but you also have to get them to care.

Does your design connect with your users on a deeper level? Here we look at what makes designing with emotion so subconsciously attractive to the everyday user.

First impression

The lowest level of emotional design is the most obvious – the first impression. Good design makes us feel something simply by looking at it. Take, for example, the harmonious doodles of Google that spark creativity and wonder, perfect for a search engine website. The first impression is a happy and unique way to engage the audience, that marries the website design with the brand story.


The Message

Engaging websites need to create a clear central message in order to evoke an emotional reaction. To elicit a poignant response, the message should be made up of both textual content and design elements. The last thing you want to do is confuse visitors, so make sure any aspect of your site that isn’t cohesive with the overall message is carefully considered.

For example, Hello Fresh’s brand message is, you guessed it, fresh healthy food and that message stay consistent throughout the entire site.  


The Experience

How the user engages with the site creates an internal connection to the site, be it positive or negative. Interactive web design that is clear, communicative, and intuitive to a person’s behavior, makes the experience much more enjoyable for the user, making it more likely they will trust your site and continue to use it.

Doodle is the perfect example of a great UI/UX design. Its lazy registration format allows people to use the site for free scheduling, but its easy sign up with Google or Facebook allows premier functionalities with a click of a button, making it more likely users will sign up.

Good websites make users engage. Great websites make users feel. Connect with your audience in an engaging and deeper way by highlighting your brand through website design. As an experienced web design, digital marketing, and advertising agency based in Orange County, we know that the core of your company is your brand. Contact Brandastic and see how we can Ignite your Potential®.

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