Guidelines to Infinite Scrolling

By Andy |  Jan 27, 2015 (5 min read)


Infinite Scrolling and infinite pages give users immediate access to the countless amounts of information uploaded all the time online. An interaction behavior that allows users to scour information at a quicker pace without clicking forward or back, creating a seamless experience. But has infinite scrolling become such a trend that its use could actually pose detrimental roadblocks to clean design? Here we take a look at the psychology of infinite scrolling, its uses, and its limitations.

Enhance User Experiences

User experience is key to achieving a strong, cohesive layout. When online, users want to find key information quickly, which can be difficult with the seemingly never-ending layout of infinite scrolling. Place new, unique, and exclusive data like promotions, alerts, and updates or changes at the top of the feed to keep the users engaged and informed.

Users also want to feel in control. Whereas pagination gave users the option to continue to search on the next page or stop their search entirely, infinite scrolling feeds the list of information to the point where users can feel bogged down, as if they wasted time. Fixed menus and progress indicators make a floating list of information more manageable and can give users a reference point to relevancy, much like Google’s “Next Page” link.

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