Case Study: How Meathead Movers Boosted Their Organic Traffic Growth

By Sandy |  Mar 1, 2021 (5 min read)

Case Study

Meathead Movers is a premier full-service moving company that offers local moving, long-distance moving, commercial moving, on-site moving, and senior moving. They also provide mini-storage, packing services, and sell moving supplies

Meathead Movers hired Brandastic to help improve their website’s SEO. They needed help with improving their overall keyword rankings and increasing relevant traffic.

One of the main focal points that the SEO team at Brandastic focused on was their content strategy. Since they are a full-service moving company with many high-level competitors, they needed the right strategy and gameplan in order to help improve their organic visibility and growth and be a more competitive player in the industry. Showing the right content to the right audience in the correct cycle of the marketing funnel is critical to online success.


Brandastic Took Action

After deep-diving into their site, performing various internal and competitive audits, we were able to identify their content strengths and weaknesses. 

Meathead Movers had an extensive list of site pages that are based upon competitive services and local moving pages. Many of these pages didn’t have the most optimized language in order to capture the right traffic. 
Additionally, Meathead Mover’s blog section was not performing as well as it should have, so we dissected that and made some key updates to what kind of content they should be presenting. 

Optimizing these pages with the right keywords and improving their content would ultimately help drive in relevant traffic. We spent countless hours optimizing site pages under the direction of a comprehensive strategy, and the results showed.


Meathead Mover’s moving services


Meathead Mover’s service areas

A Lesson in Marketing

When optimizing for the correct keywords, one of the main results is an increased emphasis on bringing in relevant traffic.

There were many keywords that Meathead Movers had ranked for, but many of them were not relevant. After performing our optimizations, many of those non-relevant keywords fell by the wayside, and instead, the more relevant keywords were brought to life. 

That just goes to show that even if you were to see a decrease in the total number of keywords after performing methodical and strategic optimizations, it’s likely that those keywords that are falling are ones that are not relevant. It’s not about bringing in all traffic, it’s about bringing in the right traffic.


The Outcome

In comparing Jan-Dec 2020 to the previous year, Meathead Movers saw a 38% Year over Year Organic Traffic Increase & Continues to Grow. 



There was also an increase in the total number of both non-branded and branded keywords.

Having non-branded keywords are a key determinant of a website’s success, as these are how people discover your website online.




How Brandastic Can Help

The Brandastic SEO team helped Meathead Movers become more visible online and bring in more of the right audience through a comprehensive content strategy plan. We can do the same for you.


Whether you’re looking for SEO services, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, or any other channel, we have you covered. Contact us today and see how we can help grow your business!

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