Case Study: How We Enhanced Health Mate’s CRO to Increase Conversions

By Erin |  Mar 12, 2021 (5 min read)

Case Study

Health Mate Sauna is a leading manufacturer of at-home infrared saunas. They have been the longest-running company in their industry for over 40 years and are best known for their Tecoloy advanced heating technology that produces incredible results. 


Starting from Scratch

Despite Health Mate being an industry leader in the infrared sauna market, their website was not on par with the same standards. This was in terms of their site content, conversions, and not ranking for relevant keywords.

Health Mate reached out to Brandastic for help with improving their website conversion rate optimization (CRO). Users were visiting the site, but many were not converting due to the lack of proper keywords, and verbiage. There was also no direction of being able to take the user down the marketing funnel. Not having a clear path for the user to go or to next navigate to, will ultimately have them leave the site.


Past Performance

Brandastic got started by conducting deep-dive audits, evaluating strengths, weaknesses, and mapping out strategies and goals based upon our findings.

The first thing we noticed was that there was improper integration of a prior Google Analytics account that wasn’t showcasing any data. Additionally, there were no heat maps or other graphical representations of data that showed us how the users were interacting with the site. 

All we could really go by was data from various SEO & online visibility management platforms to research keyword rankings and see how their site pages fared in comparison to themselves over time and to their competitors.


The Plan of Action

The Brandastic SEO team created a strategy with goals that would boost organic traffic and increase the conversion rates for their products. These goals included:


  1. Rewrite all metadata and headers to improve organic visibility and bring in the correct audience
  2. Optimizing category & product pages for keywords of the correct intent
  3. Updating content, calls to action, and interlinking structure on various site pages, helping to guide the user down the funnel
  4. Modifying product page design to provide more clearly defined calls to action, and added relevant information



A common occurrence that takes place when optimizing a site for the correct keywords, is that there will be keywords that the site may be ranking for already, that will fall by the wayside. 

In the case where you see a drop in total keywords over a period of time, don’t panic. Understand which keywords had dropped, and it’s likely that those were ones that were not relevant and producing conversions.

It’s all about trimming the fat and making way for the keywords that are going to be producing results.


Brandastic Gets to Work

With the plan approved by the client, we got to work.

First, we mapped out their site’s metadata & headers and then conducted extensive keyword research.

After spending countless hours rewriting their metadata and header structure, we then went on to optimizing the actual on-page content that would ultimately be the determining factor of if a user were to ultimately convert.

We carefully optimized the site using a top-down approach, optimizing categories and then other subpages. 

We established a clear hierarchy of site pages that was easy to navigate and provide users with a seamless approach to getting to where they were looking to go.

One of the most important tasks in our efforts in improving Health Mate’s conversion rates was updating the design and functionality of their product pages.

Prior to our updates, these product pages were lacking any clear direction and information, leaving the user confused on where to go next and how to order products.

Our updates helped provide the user with the information with clear messaging, helpful resources, and what they needed to make informed decisions. Their decisions, ultimately, were to purchase the product.


 The Results

We saw significant success even shortly afterward, helping drive in more traffic, and the correct traffic. 

In comparing the first half to the last half of 2020, we saw a staggering 89% increase in traffic growth, a 64% increase in sessions, and a 27% increase in total page views. Keep in mind that not only were there more users, but there was an overall increase in the number the relevant users we were targeting.

There was an over 106% increase in goal conversion rate in comparing (11/2020 – 02/2021, to the previous period of 07/2020 – 10/2020). 

Our goal of getting a higher number of users to request a price quote was also up 54%

Key Takeaways

Brandastic was able to take a leading infrared sauna company and make it even stronger. Their increased online presence allowed them to increase their visibility to those looking to purchase at-home infrared saunas.

The increase in organic traffic, increase in the relevant keywords, and the significant improvement in their conversion rate was a testament to our experience in knowing how to properly leverage content and achieve results. 


If you’re looking to improve your website’s conversions and bring in even more relevant customers, choose the conversion rate optimization experts at Brandastic. We can also help increase your visibility and reach through strategic and methodical goal setting. Request a free consultation, or contact us for further information. 

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