Check Your Site Statistics with Google Analytics (Part Two)

By Erin |  Feb 20, 2014 (5 min read)


If you still haven’t found a good reason to use Google Analytics, we’re hoping this post will change your mind. In Part One, we talked about a few of the beneficial features that come with using Google Analytics, such as Real-Time, Audience Overview, and Traffic Sources.

In this post, we will review even more ways Google Analytics can help you with your Orange County marketing.

1) Visual Data

If you like visuals, Google Analytics is exactly what you need. In order to get a better idea of how your site has been doing, there are plenty of helpful charts and graphs provided for your viewing. One of the main graphs allows you to see the amount of traffic your site has received. Whether you want to see how many visits you had that day, that month, or even that hour, Google Analytics will allow you to obtain the information you need. You are completely in charge and can choose any time range you wish to review.

2) Demographics

To better understand the types of visitors your website receives, Google Analytics has also provided charts and graphs that display the different attributes of your viewership. If you click on the demographics tab under “Audience,” you will find information such as age range, gender, and the interests of people who visit your site. Here, you can see the types of people your site appeals to, while also understanding what their preferred interests are (such as sports, food, etc.). This information can come in handy when you choose to create marketing strategies for your site.

3) Behind the Scenes

For a user-friendly website, it is important to understand the inner workings of your site. Under “Behavior,” you will see various tabs that can help you understand your website better. The Site Content tab, for example, allows you to see which posts have been getting the most hits and the average amount of time that people have been viewing them. There is also a Site Search tab that allows you to see how many visits you received with and without site search. Google Analytics also provides a Site Speed tab which is helpful when you want to know how long it takes to load a page, redirects a page, and more. This is information is important because users want to use a website that is efficient.


If you haven’t already, give Google Analytics a try and see how it can help you manage your business web page every day!


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