How to Improve Your Team’s Workplace Productivity

By Justin |  Feb 13, 2014 (5 min read)

Life in the Agency

Working as a team and creating a company culture doesn’t come easy. With the many different minds that make up a team, it can be hard to communicate, collaborate, and most importantly: achieve. Here are a few helpful tips that can help improve your teamwork strategies and foster productivity in the workplace

1)  Dependence vs. Independence

We all know that “teamwork” is a term that insists that a group of individuals rely on one another to accomplish one common goal. As true as this may be, teamwork also has independent undertones. Though it is necessary for a team to work together in order to share questions and ideas, it is also necessary for each person to have enough time to accomplish their own individual tasks. This independent work time is crucial to reaching the overall common goal. Teamwork is about tapping into each and every person’s strengths and trusting each member to be held accountable for his share of the work.

2)  Distribution of Work

Since teamwork relies on both the individual and the team, it is important that each person is fully aware of his task or objective. When holding a group meeting, make sure that each assignment is as clear as possible. This will help to avoid any possible confusion that could lead to wasted time or unnecessary additional meetings. It is also a good idea to make sure that each individual has all of the resources necessary to succeed. Doing this and distributing work evenly helps ensure that everyone is prepared and able to work more productively and efficiently.

3)  Communication

As many jobs come with a learning curve, it is important to be able to effectively communicate with your team. Mistakes happen, they are a part of life, and being able to properly address them is necessary to have a successful team. This open communication embraces the different ways of thinking in a workplace (which can bring about a lot of new perspectives and ideas). Respecting one another’s input is essential to the team when working to create a collaborative culture.

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