What’s Your Brand Story?

Embedded into the roots of every brand is a powerful story. This story represents everything the brand is now, and everything that it aspires to be. Most of all, the brand story allows consumers to relate to the company on a more personal level.

Attaining an emotional bond with the consumer has a strong, positive impact on engagement and sales.

Here are three tips that will help you connect with your audience through your brand’s story.

1) Drawing Inspiration

Before creating your own story, take a moment to think about the brands that currently hold a special place in your heart. Whether it’s a type of car, technology, restaurant, or department store, think about what draws you to it. Is it only the product that is sold or is there something more? For some people, advertisements of clothing brands resonate as a certain kind of lifestyle they want to achieve. For others, certain types of cars represent wealth and success. Whatever the case, let these brands stand as your inspiration and note how they create a connection with their audience.

2) Story Development

When you start to put the pieces of your own story together, keep in mind the goals and aspirations of your brand. Why does your brand exist and what is the reason or purpose behind it? What values does your brand hold true to? People who would be interested in your brand may hold these same values and feel connected to your product through them. If you have a story that sparks an emotional response, you won’t just build a following, you will build brand loyalty.

3) A Resonating Finish

Once your story has been shared, people will start to develop their own thoughts, opinions, and emotions towards your brand. Here is where it will escalate beyond just your story. Consumers will start to correlate your story with specific words. For example, when people think of Trader Joe’s, they think healthy, wholesome, organic. Your brand, your story, will be defined through these different words, gaining a personality of its own. In the end, your story will help your brand develop into what it had always intended to be.

Brandastic.com builds world-class brands, excels in web design and SEO, and helps you share your own powerful story. Brandastic is a Southern California based digital marketing agency focused on relationships, excellence, and service. When you are ready to be noticed, to really stand out, contact Brandastic.

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