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Do Facebook Ads work for business?

With the news that Facebook has lost over $100 Billion in value in one day, it might seem like the social media behemoth is losing steam.

For business owners, and especially those focused on eCommerce, there is a big question about whether Facebook ads still can create attention and sales.

It’s no secret that younger generations have moved to platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, where engagement through stories and direct messaging has taken precedence. However, Facebook dominates in the age demographics of 25-54, where a vast majority of users will spend as much as 50 minutes per day.

It’s estimated that almost 80% of the US population uses Facebook in some form, whether on a desktop or mobile platform.

Ways to advertise on Facebook

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how Facebook can be a useful business tool. Currently, there are six different types of ads that Facebook offers:

  • Photo Ads: the most popular type, with a photo and some basic text around it
  • Video Ads: text above the video and then a small video that fits into the news feed
  • Carousel Ads: this is a group of photos that users can swipe through in the news feed
  • Slideshow: similar to a carousel, but can also show video along with images
  • Collection: showcases different products in a collection
  • Messenger: can run directly inside the messenger app (this a separate app from facebook)

Along with the different ways to advertise, there are other ways to get the most from Facebook Ads.


Precision Targeting

Perhaps the strongest feature of all Facebook marketing is the ability to target particular demographics. While Adwords can target keywords, it struggles to know who is searching. Facebook works in the opposite way: it targets those who fit the criteria of your ideal buyers (age, gender, location, interests, etc.). The more advertising you do, the further your results can be refined.


Advanced Ad Options

Along with the basic ads, Facebook also offers boosted posts, follower polls, contact forms, interactive Canvas ads and adaptive video. Whatever your needs, there is a chance Facebook will have something that works for your brand. They also have an excellent insights section called Facebook IQ which can help increase your understanding of consumer trends on Facebook.


Influencer Marketing

One thing about marketing that hasn’t changed in generations is that we look to those we trust for buying decisions. Social Media Influencer marketing became a buzzword in 2017, and businesses can no longer afford to ignore the spending influence of organic consumer content. Currently, Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook) allow for this sort of native marketing content to reach customers easily.


Community Engagement

The most loyal consumers will become a part of a community, and Facebook can be an excellent way to target them. With your business page you can build a following, and through Facebook groups, you can stay current with trends, interests, and questions that your potential customers have. Along with this, Facebook can be an excellent place to garner feedback interactively.


Search Engine Optimization

While Google has stated that social media links don’t count as links for SEO, there is still a correlation. If your business creates interesting, entertaining or valuable content, it will most likely get shared on social media. From here it has a higher chance of people linking to it in blog posts and on websites, which does boost your rankings. Links drive traffic to your site, as well as increasing visibility through keywords, lowering bounce rates, etc.

So, when it comes to Facebook’s usefulness for businesses, and whether Facebook advertising is useful for business the answer is a clear yes!

Despite the changes in the past few years, and some controversies, Facebook is still a platform of massive attention, and through the business pages and paid advertising options, it can help a business to flourish.


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