Get Rolling On Tumblr

By Melissa |  Jul 31, 2013 (5 min read)


Did you know that Tumblr is the host of over 100 million blogs? As a social media website that caters mostly to the younger generation, Tumblr is a creative multimedia blogging platform that encourages an artistic way of marketing.

Here are a few facts you should know about Tumblr to enhance your Orange County marketing:

1) Images, GIFs, and Multimedia

Unlike other social media websites, Tumblr is mostly known for its creative pictures and animated GIFs. Though it is considered a blogging device to share quotes and texts, the majority of interest on the site lies with visual media – so be sure to keep that in mind when you create your platform. An artistic and original photo or GIF will likely bring more attention to your page. As mentioned before, Tumblr is known to attract a younger generation, so if your target audience does not fall in this category, Tumblr may not be the right place for your business.

2) Liking and Reblogging

On Tumblr, your posts can really take off when others like or reblog them. When another individual reblogs one of your posts, that post will reach a whole new audience. With each like you gains, your business receives a personal response to your post. As far as commenting goes, Tumblr does not natively support that feature like other social media sites. However, you can install Disquis comments that work for many of the available themes that you can choose from. Don’t forget that hashtags are a key way to attract people to your content!

3) Marketing Effectively

Most people don’t like it when they see a boring picture that is simply marketing a product to them. If you try this technique on Tumblr, chances are you won’t be very successful. So what’s the solution? Be so unique and creative with your posts that you evoke a real emotional response from your viewers. It can be eye-opening, funny, or just plain out of the ordinary interesting! By doing this, you won’t miss anyone with a short attention span.

Use a creative name, a modern slogan, and really bring your brand to life through multimedia on Tumblr.

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