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By Stacy |  Nov 12, 2014 (5 min read)



The Holiday season is here, and with it comes many great opportunities to extend gratitude and warm wishes to those who have built relationships with your company over the year. With customer service being high on the radar, branded corporate gifts are a great way to solidify your brand, and send a positive message to your clients to keep you in their thoughts following the New Year. A consistent Holiday marketing campaign can drive new business, and get your brand on the map before the year ends.

Here are some statistics that showcase the power of Holiday Marketing

In 2013 82% of retailers made investments in mobile technology during the Holiday Season

With millennials being the driving force of after-Thanksgiving shopping, as well as mobile searching for Holiday gifts and ideas, investments in mobile shopping have increased to meet the demands of the tech-savvy shopper.

84% of marketers use mobile-optimized sites

Similar to above, mobile-optimized shops are easy to navigate via tablet, Smartphone, and even in-store, to solidify shopping decisions and make a seamless experience for the customer.

2 in 5 retailers are focusing heavily on mobile email optimization this year

Interactive emails can showcase different areas from your site, as well as promotions that drive traffic back to your website. Direct links to areas of your e-commerce shop make a well-executed marketing package stand out over traditional marketing methods.

64.8 % of consumers will turn to social media sites to find the perfect gift

Consider revving up your marketing on social media during the holiday season. Holiday shopping begins early online and sending out blog posts, media, and other forms of communication to help customers find that perfect gift could help drive traffic to your site or convert a viewer to a customer.

With a Holiday campaign comes the expressive branding of your company how you see it. Take the time to show your company’s individuality, as well as craft the perfect message to get customers to your doors. With over 15 years of experience, Brandastic is a digital marketing and advertising agency with locations in Costa Mesa, CA,  Los Angeles, CA, and Austin, TX that has developed and redesigned sites to make them sleek and functional, using the latest technology to give your customers the user experience they come to expect from trusted brands. To see what sites and design collateral we have published this year, check our portfolio today or simply contact us today and share in igniting your potential!

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