Keeping Up with eCommerce in 2017

By Sandy |  Jun 7, 2017 (5 min read)


With e-commerce stores quickly taking over brick-and-mortar stores (over 6000 storefronts have closed in Q1 2017 alone according to a Credit Suisse Report), it is imperative that online stores still maintain their presence, personality, and advertising.  Since there are no physical retail spaces for your customers to enter and experience your brand, make sure that you communicate effectively via virtual channels.


Developing a strong e-commerce strategy is one of the best ways to ensure you are prepared to take advantage of all the consumers physical retail has released.

Social Media

Adopting and implementing a stable social media strategy is key to opening more channels for customers to access your store and products.  Social media provides a large channel to market to and communicate with your customers in a way that is unique to your brand.  Identifying your brand identity and remaining consistent with it is a great way to maintain a presence online.

Relationship Commerce

Even though it may be online and lacking that in-person feel, connecting with customers is a continuously ongoing conversation.  This encompasses figuring out their needs, marketing to them, and supporting them even after the sale has been made.  Client care and nurturing returning clients will prove more fruitful than trying to devote all your resources to get new clients that might not return.

Data Driven Decisions

Understanding customers can also be boiled down to data.  Utilizing data sources your team may already have, or implementing other metrics to gauge their experience in order to inform your business decisions can also keep you ahead of the curve.  Monitoring site traffic for dropoffs, conducting A/B testing, and gathering survey data are all methods that can be utilized to improve your e-commerce site.

Though they may seem simple, these points are items that can grow and need additional care.  At Brandastic, we are an Orange County Marketing Agency, with a specialization in customized Magento web development. To learn more about how we can service your marketing and e-commerce needs to view our Brand Care services or speak to one of our certified in house Magento developers and see how we can ignite your potential today!






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