Labor Day Marketing and Preparing Your eCommerce Site

By Melissa |  Sep 3, 2016 (5 min read)


Labor Day weekend is just around the corner and for most of us, this means a holiday to spend relaxing with family and friends. If you have an eCommerce site or online business, it may mean hosting a special sale or promo and facing potential online strains along the way.

With 57% of consumers abandoning a site that fails to load after 3 seconds it’s crucial to be aware of the potential online obstacles during your sale or promotion.


Here are our top tips to look out for during any holiday season and keep your brand online!

3 Things your site needs for a Labor Day Holiday Sale:

  • Call to Action. Highlight specials and promos clearly on your homepage. Nothing is more confusing to a customer than having to click through millions of pages to find your promotion or sale. Utilize call to action buttons to lead the customer instantly to the desired page, giving them more time to add items to their cart. But remember; once the sale is over, remove promo banners and specific ads posted on your site and social media.
  • Be on Guard. Lastly, be prepared for potential security concerns. During a holiday sale, increased traffic to your online sale also opens doors to potential cyber attacks and could even result in your site crashing. Take the necessary steps to ensure your site is protected before, during, and after a holiday.

At Brandastic we understand these crucial items play a huge part for your eCommerce site during peak seasons. Whether you need marketing tips, a mobile responsive site, or Brand Protection to help keep your site up and running, view our services today and allow us to help your site reach quality potential!


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