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By Stacy |  Sep 20, 2012 (5 min read)


You are a hardworking business owner, and amidst the spreadsheets and sales calls you to realize that your social media marketing in Orange County is melting down. How exactly do you keep on top of your Tumblr and Twitter accounts, fill your Facebook page with ‘likes,’ and populate your pinboards on Pinterest? Seriously consider outsourcing your social media.

When Should You Outsource Social Media Marketing?
Every company should work towards having their social media manager in the house; someone that knows the company intimately will be able to present the best and most realistic picture of your brand (Entrepreneur.com). In the meantime, hiring a social media consultant, or outsourcing your social media campaign will allow you to focus on other responsibilities, or provide you the time to learn how to manage and interact with the platforms yourself.

What Social Media Marketing Should You Outsource?
Social media outsourcing is gaining in popularity – the number of businesses outsourcing their social media marketing increased 128% in two years (Corey Eridon, HubSpot blog). However, certain elements of social media marketing were outsourced more than others. You can view the list below to determine which would be the most beneficial for your company.

Design and Development and Content Creation
Outsourcing the design, development, and content of your social media marketing makes the most sense. This could involve web design for your Orange County business, branding, app layout, and integrating visual content. A content creator weaves your web page, builds your blogs, and inserts your infographics. Unless you are a budding programmer, marketer, web designer, and writer rolled into one, outsourcing these aspects of social media marketing is a wise choice.

Analytics, Research, and Strategy, and Monitoring
If you don’t know the difference between a click-through and a repin, and Google analytics makes you think of high school calculus, you should consider outsourcing analytics. Just make sure you understand what the analyst is reporting back to you.

An effective researcher/strategist should provide structure to your social media marketing vision, and create long term goals with explicit action items for the company after examining the niche your company fills.

If you outsource your social media monitoring – which would include managing Facebook comments, tweets, and concerns on the blog (and could be particularly time-consuming for business owners)– make sure you monitor your monitors at first to ensure they are up to par.

Status Updates, and Community Management
These are the areas of social media that make the most sense to keep in-house. You can use free tools to schedule posts and pins, and you want to keep an authentic face and voice in your interactions. After all, who knows your customers better than you?

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