Staying connected to your existing clients

A happy customer is a continuing customer! For most businesses, 80% of the company’s future revenue comes from 20% of its existing customers, according to the Gartner Group Study. To celebrate your customers and provide the, with all they would need to think of using your business again, you need to effectively engage and encourage them after they have gotten what they need from you. Focusing on customer-oriented communications can leave a lasting impression that you can see in your bottom line.

The Returning Client Breakdown

A 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%. 

But the question stands, how can you engage with your customer’s after you ring them up? Here are three tips on how to take advantage of your biggest asset: happy customers.

  1. Engage Via Social Media

Making sure that the corporate tones are turned down and a personality outshines can allow your followers to really relate to your business. Giving them a voice to connect with, and topics they actually enjoy that still pertain to your business/industry. Your most engaging customers should always get your attention, as any of their positive remarks can be an overall good for your social media traction.

  1. Run Loyalty Oriented Promotions

By conducting promotions that pertain to those who have been loyal, will make them feel personally better about supporting your business. If a consumer is to receive special offers such as exclusive discounts, a gift, or even a birthday card that can make them feel like a true VIP client. Thus, increasing your customer retention while keeping them happy, a win win.

  1. Newsletters With Relevant Content

A Newsletter, or E-Blast, is a different platform that can keep you connected with your audience. By keeping the content, images, and call to actions relevant will keep your reader interested in your message. If they are interested then they are most likely to use your services again.

Care about your customers, and let it be known that you do. Listen to what they are requesting, keep them interested, let them know you are as real as they are. Those loyal, emotional, connected consumers will bring others to use and appreciate your product or service. Just remember that you are a consumer too, in one-way or another, and the professional bond between you will only make all aspects of your business stronger. For examples on how Brandastic helps its customers ignite their potential, sign up for TECHTalks and receive our free newsletter with marketing tips and design information.

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