Successful SEO for Your Orange County Business

By Sandy |  Oct 2, 2012 (5 min read)


SEO, or search engine optimization, is necessary for any business wanting to be successful and cannot be ignored as part of your Orange County marketing. On average, up to 65% of online business comes from search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Ask (http://www.ebizmba.com/). Here are some important tips for improving SEO for your website.

Titles are Tantamount to SEO Success
If you have created your site through Dreamweaver or WordPress, make sure that your web address has a title related to your website. Almost 100 million people do not change this default ‘untitled’ title and are losing marketing exposure.

Always Access Google Analytics
The successful Orange County Business will use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to the fullest extent possible. Google Analytics allows you to determine which content is performing, what your conversion rate is, how your advertising is building your success, and now even examines your mobile and social applications. Is your Facebook page bringing in more customers, or are your awesome images capturing attention? (www.google.com/analytics)

Using Keywords to Boost Traffic
You must know your product and your customer to effectively use keywords. What are people likely searching for when they land on your site? If your business is Orange County marketing and branding services, those key words should be somewhere in a title tag. (A title tag is in the source code of your web page.) Title tags should be unique, and there should be a different title tag for each page (http://searchenginewatch.com). How do you find the best keywords? You would want to use the Google Keyword Tool. This tool will help you find keywords and can even give you ideas about negative keywords and groups that will help target traffic to your site (https://adwords.google.com).  You can even find out which words are most often searched and add these to your web page.

Making Relationships to Manage SEO
If your product or business is in a niche market, don’t despair. You just need to explore creative avenues for generating website traffic, which falls in the nexus between computer advertising and good old fashioned sales and marketing. If you really start thinking about your customer, patterns might emerge that you can capitalize upon for increasing web traffic. Find a popular blogger and ask them to include a link to your website on their page. Use the local networks to cross link your website. If you are hotel, ask to be listed on the chamber of commerce website, and create link partnerships with other local businesses. Ask local media outlets to feature a link on their page or provide you with a guest spot on their show, blog, or website.

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