What it’s like inside a Digital Marketing agency

By Andy |  Jun 18, 2018 (5 min read)

Life in the Agency

As a marketing director, many people ask me what it’s like working in a digital marketing agency. Honestly, it’s difficult to explain in simple terms. Marketing today is such a broad concept, and digital marketing is getting more complicated by the day.

The words that come to mind to explain it are: ‘fast and furious.’

In a digital marketing agency, there are many moving parts: creating websites, building market share on social media, growing traction through SEO.

Our clients are battling the ever-evolving internet world for their slice of market share, so there’s no one solution; this is why we bring an entourage of highly skilled people to the table.

As a marketing agency, all our clients should feel as if they are the only client. After all, they are investing time and money to create or improve their brand. We are being entrusted with their outcome, and it’s on us to deliver.

Does this create pressure? You bet. But we love it!

Here are the ways we rise to challenge and make everything work for our clients:

Caring for each project on a personal level

When working with different clients at the same time, it can be hard to focus. Each business we work with has a different need. How do we personalize?

We must find a way to feel attached to their brand, story, and need. If we aren’t passionate about the brands we work with, how can we require our clients to be?

By doing so, we not only help to guide their need, we believe in their cause as well. This helps us to create a mutual force of KPIs, campaign stats, and beyond. It’s a partnership.

Multitasking to the extreme

In the digital marketing world, you must be able to switch hats, at the, uh, drop of a hat. You must be ready to go from a creative to an analyst, to a client relationship manager all in the space of an hour. Most of the time your brain feels like a computer with lots of tabs open all at once. But that is the reality of the work. You must work from a list and tick off tasks as you finish them.

The key to this skill is organization sprinkled with a layer of passion and creativity.

Molding skills to the client’s needs

Sometimes clients need something that you haven’t worked on before. There might be a new type of code, a new approach to marketing, or something different.

When this happens, it is up to us to learn and become proficient very quickly. This is why we focus on constant learning. If we are keeping ourselves ahead of the curve, then we can give our clients the latest and greatest across all platforms from marketing to design and development.

Orange County is often referred to as an up-and-coming tech hub.  With corporate offices such as Vans and Amazon making their home in our area, the Orange County tech world is definitely growing. Our goal is to be an inspirational and integral player in this new world of technology and online marketing.

As we look toward the future, we are excited to see our clients thrive, and grow with them. As our services expand, and we evolve with the ever-changing market, we are ready for the ‘fast and furious’ challenge that lies ahead.

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