5 Reasons SEO Might Not Work For You

By Stacy |  May 30, 2014 (5 min read)



SEO is no longer in its infancy and plenty of businesses utilize the practice as part of their digital marketing mix. On the other hand, many people still have no idea what exactly SEO is and how it works. This becomes problematic when businesses expect a magic solution to increase leads and search engine ranking.


The truth is, SEO is not one-size fits all and each and every business has different needs. In some cases, SEO is not a solution at all and your business would benefit more from another form of marketing.


Now you’re probably wondering do I really need SEO?


Here are the top five reasons SEO might not be the right solution for you and your business.


1. You need instant results


SEO can provide an amazing ROI, but it is a slow process. You may see an initial jump in rankings, but it can often take upwards of six months for a legitimate SEO campaign to provide profitable results. If you are a business looking to sell something fast, it is better to focus on paid advertising.


2. You have a small budget


Don’t listen to people who sugarcoat the truth. Good quality SEO, like any investment, can be expensive. A couple hundred dollars a month just won’t cut it. Developing a strategy, researching keywords, building links, and making the continuous updates that ensure your site ranks requires a great deal of time and patience. Every case is different and a good SEO specialist should be able to tell you what you can expect to pay in order to see results. With that being said, if you’re willing to make the investment now, the payoff down the road is often huge


3. You are looking for a one-time deal


SEO is not something you can do once and then check off your marketing list. As new competitors crop up, new ranking methods are added, and more people turn to SEO and online strategies as part of their marketing arsenal, it’s important to stay on your toes. Refreshing old content to optimize it, and creating new content that is fluid, informational, and easy to digest is a continual process that is more than just a labor of love; it is an integral part of your marketing strategy.


4. Your market is small and local


Smaller local businesses like restaurants or flower shops draw their customers from a specific location meaning keyword volume just won’t be there. In this case, a traditional SEO campaign won’t give you any results. On the other hand, a local SEO campaign certainly can. This specific facet of SEO requires different strategies that cater to, you guessed it, local searches.


5. The competition is just too strong


If you’re a smaller business competing against larger names with big marketing budgets, SEO probably won’t work for you. In this case, outranking the competition for high-quality keywords that are also relevant would be next to impossible.   


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