What SEO is Not Used For


Search Engine Optimization is a valuable tool to keep your website high in ranks, but how far does it get your company in terms of revenue? Marketing basics for all companies include SEO, but it is quite easy to misunderstand what SEO does and does not do in regards to your website. Website owners can misuse SEO and fail to remember that marketing efforts should also include a host of other strategies that together work effectively to drive traffic to your site.


Driving traffic to your website increases your visibility, leading to a higher customer turnout rate. When you work on all the bits and pieces, polish your website, and keep content fresh, the bigger marketing picture falls into place, and you are left with an effective marketing solution. Below are some things SEO is not used for, and other avenues that need to be worked on continually to make your site a resource and information hub for your field.


Good Content Surpasses SEO

SEO is not effective when you flood your content with keywords and disregard the fluidity of your copy. When writing for your site, it’s important to focus on your readership as opposed to search engine bots. Using keywords is important, but not as important as creating valuable content that people will use, remember, share, and link to. Do not get bogged down by trying to add keywords to every sentence.

When your content is creative and engaging, your credibility as a site goes up. Social shares are also a ranking factor, so focusing on an easy to read style will naturally increase shares.


Not a One-Time Deal

SEO is not something you can do once and then check off your marketing list. As new competitors crop up, new ranking methods are added, and more people turn to SEO and online strategies as part of their marketing arsenal, it’s important to stay on your toes. Refreshing old content to optimize it, and creating new content that is fluid, informational, and easy to digest is a continual process that is more than just a labor of love; it is an integral part of your marketing strategy.



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