United Sports Brands - McDavid

Black Friday is arguably one of the largest opportunities for E-commerce websites. United Sports Brands – McDavid’s Adwords campaign was running into a serving error, causing their ad submissions to be denied by Google.

Brandastic helped with the Adwords 302 Issues (Destination not Working, HTTP Error 302), and created a plan to optimize images across the site in order for the site loading to speed up. Brandastic stepped in to assess and provide a solution for McDavid before Black Friday arrived. Brandastic was tasked with helping troubleshoot the Adwords 302 errors and creating a plan to optimize images across the site decrease page load time.

After an initial discovery and Ad Campaign audit, Brandastic identified the issue had to do with landing page load time. We proposed a combination of CDN optimizations, CSS/JS minification, and communication with the Google team, for USB McDavid to run their campaigns in time for Black Friday.

Launch Project

Project Highlights

  • Ad Campaign Audit
  • Page Load Speed Recommendations
  • Asset Optimization Recommendations



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