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Since 2009, Mono B has become the best-kept secret for US and international retailers looking for high-quality activewear and athleisure-wear at an affordable price. Years later, they were ready to take Mono B to the next level and launch in the B2C market with the help of our go to market strategy.

What Our Team Accomplished

  1. 1. Marketing Discovery
  2. 2. Strategy
  3. 3. Content Curation
  4. 4. Branding
  5. 5. Retail Website
  6. 6. Media Marketing
The Challenge

As a newcomer in the retail athleisure-wear market, Mono B struggled with market positioning. The brand lacked a compelling story and connection, which are vital for defining its identity to the B2C market.

Our Solution

Brandastic recognized that Mono B had a remarkable opportunity to establish itself as a trendsetter in color and design. By introducing a custom new website that aligns with the latest fashion industry standards, enhancing the styling of product imagery, and cultivating a cool and approachable vibe while maintaining competitive pricing, Mono B has gained a significant competitive advantage.

Our team refreshed Mono B’s brand story to be rooted in the theme of Just B You which is used throughout campaigns and design efforts.

The Visuals

Brandastic continues to curate a variety of seasonal creative briefs for photo and video shoots centered around capturing next season’s styles. The photos and videos are then used for promotional use such as engaging marketing campaigns, organic social posts and on their new retail website.

Content Curation

Brandastic curates month by month organic social feed posts for Instagram based on analytics and what is currently trending.

  • Content Calendar
  • Content Calendar Content curation for reels and TikTok
  • Account set up on SkedSocial for automated posting
Website Design and Development

Brandastic helped Mono B’s team establish trust online and increase conversions through a user-friendly and branded website that appeals to the B2C audience. Our team was able to leverage the assets we have gathered and create a cohesive experience on the retail site.

Social Media Marketing

Brandastic took on the go to market strategy and launch of their B2C website which included a lead generation campaign. We executed a giveaway through paid advertising on TikTok and Meta where the audience was able to fill out their information to be entered into the giveaway on an Instapage our team also created.


Total Impressions


Avg. Click Through Rate


Avg. Click Through Rate

B2B Branding + Marketing Efforts

Mono B attends various tradeshows across the country throughout the year and needed not only a marketing strategy but collateral to enhance the brand experience at the booth. Our team curated a booth theme, giveaway and paid campaign behind it to increase foot traffic at the tradeshow, and an email marketing drip series.

What Our Team Accomplished

  1. 1. Tradeshow Booth Planning
  2. 2. Print Collateral Design
  3. 3. Brand Experience Strategy
The Challenge

Mono B lacked a unified brand appearance with their B2B clients. Feeling stuck, they came to Brandastic for a B2B facelift in order to gain more contracts and have a cohesive brand experience.

Our Solution

Brandastic’s team was able to ideate the 2023 tradeshow season theme of ‘Fresh Picks’. Florals and lighter and brighter colors can be found throughout the booth and associated collateral. Our team created elevator and floor decals, along with banners for multiple 2023 trade shows.

Mono B’s focus at the tradeshows are to connect with potential clients and maintain that sales relationship. Our tea m also formed a giveaway for multiple tradeshows in 2023 in an effort to increase foot traffic at the booth and obtain more email contacts.

Tradeshow Collateral

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