3 Simple Website Design Tips Anyone Can Use

By Stacy |  Jan 15, 2018 (5 min read)


Did you know that the average click time on most websites today is less than 15 seconds? That means a person will click a link and then click back faster than they can tie their shoes.

This means that all the time and money you spend on web hosting, SEO and advertising is potentially wasted.  From our experience as web designers, we know that there are three reasons why people click back from websites:

  1. Load time
  2. Lack of valuable information
  3. Poor layout

While the issue of load time can take some tinkering, there are other quick changes you can make to your website design that will dramatically improve the number of people who visit you. The key to getting people to stay on your page is to make it easy for them. With this in mind, here are three simple website design tips that you can implement immediately.

Are your words readable?

Yes, imagery and videos are getting a lot more interest online today, but the written word still has a hugely impactful effect on site visitors. Today, most users visit websites on multiple platforms. For them to stay on your site, they need to be able to read and understand your key messages. Readability is increasingly important when it comes to having a successful website design.

Ensure your font is the correct size (12pt or 14pt is typically ideal). Make sure your paragraphs aren’t too long (3-5 sentences is a good length).

And most of all, write in a way that your audience can understand. Avoid jargon or technical language where you can, and speak in the voice of your customer.

Is your content useful?

Think of Wikipedia for a moment. It is by no means a ‘beautiful’ website design. It hardly has any images or videos, but it is the 5th most visited website in the world. This is because it gives you the information you need, and links to even more information should you want it. In other words: Wikipedia is useful.

Content should always be about answering customer questions or allying fears. A great way to know if your content is useful is to ask five of your current customers how useful your site actually is. Ask them for honest feedback about whether your website helped them to buy your product and brand. If the answer is no, you need to rethink your content. Always remember the key question to ask is: is this useful?

Is your site easy to use?

There is no better-designed website in the world than google.com. As soon as you get there you know what to do. There is nothing to distract you from your goal and no way to be confused.

Google’s front page is the most valuable piece of internet real estate, even beating out youtube and facebook as the most visited. And yet, it’s a page with a search bar and two buttons.

The lesson here is to make your customers goals easy to achieve. Either give them the information they need immediately or a way to access it within a few clicks. If you have video, make sure it’s easy to click on and start playing. The more steps a person has to take to achieve their goal, the less likely they are to stay.

These three tips will help get you started towards better website design. They will enable your customers to get what they need from you and enjoy their experience along the way.


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