5 Trade Show Marketing Ideas and Tips

By Stacy |  Nov 10, 2016 (5 min read)


We may live in an online world, but print marketing is still in style. It’s unique, tangible, and can grasp the attention of your audience in a different way. As a company, it’s important to remember that your print collateral is an extension of your brand voice and consistency is key, whether on your website or a retractable banner.

From our design team here at Brandastic, we have gathered the top things you need to know when getting started with trade show prints!


5 Design Tips for Trade Show Prints:

1. But First…Sizes!

Before taking the leap in ordering those two banners for your next trade show or conference, remember to assess the size of your booth. You’ll be able to see what collateral best fits within the space you’re given. If you have a lot to work with, pick that large 10’ by 10’ backdrop. For smaller booths, one or two retractable banners will be more appropriate and leave room to breathe.

2. Keep the Theme Consistent

Make sure you have a visual theme that can stay consistent across all your collateral, whether web or print. This could include graphic elements such as patterns, typefaces, colors, or image, which will bring your booth together and make it look like one cohesive setup. If you have a multi-day event, switch up your booth every day to keep things interesting and grab the attention of fellow attendees. You can accomplish this by ordering multiple backdrops and switch them out.

3. Change up the Tablecloth

Perhaps you don’t have a lot of booth space, or maybe all you have is the table itself. You might consider having a custom branded tablecloth to place your printed flyers and brochures. The conference might provide you a tablecloth but nothing beats having something simple and flexible like a tablecloth that can follow you wherever you go!

4. Create Memorable Swag Items

From our experience, unique items with your branding are a huge sell. Pens, cups, coasters, hand sanitizer, chapstick, mints, and many other useful items that have your unique logo can serve as a lasting reminder of your company name in a fun way. Just like a flyer, people will walk away with something tangible relating to your brand. Except, they’re more than likely going to keep a protein shaker around a lot longer.

5. Keep it Informed

 For those important and informative collateral pieces, make sure they include key product or pricing information, as well as directing them to a salesperson or e-commerce site in case the consumer wants to buy at a later date. Make sure contact information is available and clear across your collateral, even if its website URL.

We hope these tips have helped you get started on creating effective print collateral for your next trade show or conference! The design team here at Brandastic knows it can take many little details to bring everything together. Allow us to partner with you in helping you Ignite your Potential®, contact us today for more information on designing your new print collateral!

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