HTTP vs. Secure HTTPS: Google Weighs in

By Andy |  Oct 27, 2016 (5 min read)


Starting in January, Google Chrome is going to be taking a “slow” but steady approach to finally discouraging people from using HTTP sites. They announced that they will be implementing a new warning message that will indicate a website using HTTP is “not secure”. So what does this mean for website owners? It means that if your website is not secured by an SSL/TLS certificate, you are going to have a very difficult time getting visitors to even come to your website.

As a way to ramp up Internet online security, Google Chrome will add a warning display of “not secure” in grey when the next generation of Chrome 56 is announced. In the future, they plan to take this one step further and introduce the same red triangle icon that currently is being used to indicate when there is a broken HTTPS.

Google said

“more than half of Chrome desktop page loads are now served over a secure network.” But only one-third of the top 100 non-Google sites use a secure connection as its default.

Google Chrome highly encourages the use of HTTPS or “secure HTTP” which means that the site will be encrypted. To even entice website owners to use https, they have promoted higher SEO rankings for websites that are secure. Although the Chrome browser will not be blocking users from accessing sites that not secure, they will be alerted when they are about to access a website that does not have an encrypted connection.

By adding an HTTPS before the URL, an extra security measure is added against cyber hackers. When a website is loaded over HTTP, this allows someone on the network to look or even potentially modify the website before it even gets to you.

While not requiring HTTPS, Google Chrome is taking actionable measures to make sure that all large browsers such as Apple, Mozilla, and Microsoft also encourage the same security measures.

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