The Psychology of Website UX Design in Digital Marketing

By Erin |  Oct 14, 2016 (5 min read)


You can create a cutting edge design and “wow” people with a beautiful website, but it’s the pathways and the flow of the user experience (UX) that can make or break your site. When it comes to effective UX design, you will need to tap into the psychology of a user while keeping in mind your overall end goal.

Web Designer Depot states that in order to create the behavior you want users to experience, you need motivation, ability, and a trigger, much like you would need a boat, bait, and fishing pole to effectively go fishing. These 3 aspects make up the Fogg Behavior Model.

These factors are in a relationship with one another. For example, users with a high motivation correlate with whether something is easily achievable. Triggers can range from an alarm or even a routine, but essentially it calls the user to action with a cue, such as a link to another page in your website to find out more information.

So how do we make sure we create the right behavior to have the user obtain your end goal? At Brandastic, we listen to what you’re experiencing now and where you hope to go. Our team becomes your team, working alongside you each step of the way as we plan, strategize, and target project goals building a clear road map ahead for you and your website. When it comes to digital marketing, consumer psychology is one of the most important skills to master.

We help build the foundation for efficient UX behaviors and celebrate your success and continue to support you as needed.

Questions We Focus On:

  • How can you create high motivation for your users?
  • How can you make the goal easily attainable for the user?
  • What simplified triggers will help create current and future engagement with your content?


Our team believes in the quality and efficiency of your website, making it our goal to create websites with long-term benefits and the flexibility to grow with you and your business. We educate and teach on how to create the right UX behavior to reach your goals. Ignite your Potential® and visit our Services to learn more!

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