Web Design Elements that Increase Conversions

Visual elements in your website that use thoughtful design can make the conversion process easier for your brand, increasing ROI.

According to Adobe’s 2015 report on the State of Content, “with 15 minutes to consume content, 66% would prefer to view something beautifully designed vs. simple and plain.”

It’s not enough to just have an appealing or even simple style when it comes to your website. With mindful design and placement of aesthetically pleasing elements, you allow your users to appreciate your brand while also engaging with your content.

Focus on beautifully designed pieces that draw attention to your conversion goal. Here are three ways you can increase conversion with a mindful design:

Pops of color

No matter what colors your brand style has, it’s important to save the best pops of color for when you want to draw users into engaging with you and your business. Clean and Green is a perfect example of a website using their colors to attract readers to short copy with a prominent Call-To-Action that instantly brings their customers to the products.

The colors are easy to read and minimal so that a customer can quickly recognize the “Shop now” action item.

Being the first element a customer reads, this Call-To-Action is placed intentionally converting you to where you want to be, searching products and finding something fit for you.

Prominent Buttons

Having beautiful pictures and minimal text is not enough for helping increase your conversion. You may not be able to make a user clickthrough your content, but you can certainly aid this process by making those steps stand out in interesting ways.

Blue Sky shows how you can place a prominent button by making their cart dropdown feature a red button that tells the user they have the ability to skip the cart page and go directly to checkout, balancing the container and leaving no room for second-guessing purchases.

Contrasting their brand colors and using the cart container efficiently to help users get to checkout is an incredibly efficient way to increase conversion.

Powerful Imagery

Images have the power to change hearts and minds by communicating messages that convert much more efficiently than simple text.

Target Made Me Do It lets their imagery do all the talking.

You’ll find that they use very little but intentional text and allow their visuals to take up space. The contrasting red, white, and black imagery convey a specific lifestyle in line with their target audience while using clean and simple Call-To-Actions.

Target Made Me Do It checks all the boxes for contrasting colors, keeping it minimal, intentional placement, and using container space efficiently to increase their ROI and keep their users engaged.

Making thoughtful and intentional web design decisions can be challenging when so many other areas of your business call to your attention.

Brandastic is a digital marketing and website design company based in Orange County California. We help create brands and web designs that are memorable, engaging and impactful. Through rebranding, redesigning and enhancing your company website, we can help you ignite your potential.

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