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Web Design Elements That Increase Conversion Rates

When your product or service is in high demand, but your conversion rate is low it is time to do some troubleshooting. An integral part of any website marketing strategy is continual upkeep; to make sure your site stays current and make adjustments when necessary. Not seeing results?


Take a look at the three most common elements that can be adjusted to increase conversion rates.

1. Clear Navigation

Simple navigation can make all the difference. For websites that house multiple products or services, navigation should easily send you down two main paths: more information, so a newcomer can easily familiarize themselves with your products or services, and quick transactional information, for returners who know exactly what they’re after. Too many clicks to get to either of these categories, and you lose a lot of people along the way. Simple, organized options make your site look cleaner, and make the information you have easier to access, giving your potential customer a better experience that guides them to purchase.

2. Communicative Homepage

A homepage needs to be maintained. Just like the storefront of your business, it is the first impression the customer has of who you are and what you do. Consider cleaning up your homepage if it has accumulated informational clutter that is not applicable or out of date. A modern homepage design gives your website credibility and makes it more likely that a user will receive the information they came looking for, and convert. Clunky websites that are full of unorganized information leave a user overwhelmed, so when in doubt, keep it simple.

3. Clear direction/call to action

Even with a detailed website, customers still need calls to actions to covert. Use design elements like a map of your process or centered taglines to clarify what users get when they sign up or purchase. Be clear and direct with your call to action phrases for buttons, and simplify the way transactions are processed to increase follow through.



With the online space constantly evolving, it takes dedication to maintain your website. The more time invested in your digital address, the higher your rankings and the more conversions you receive. Ready to optimize your website for conversion, or in need of a little design help? Simply contact Brandastic. With our experience in design, web development, SEO, and marketing, you can have a site that works for you, how you envision it.

Brandastic is a digital marketing, web design and advertising agency based in Orange County California. We help create brands and web designs that are memorable, engaging and impactful. Through rebranding, redesigning and enhancing your company website, we can help you ignite your potential.

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