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By Erin |  Jun 26, 2013 (5 min read)


Is your Orange County business struggling to network and manage social media in an organized fashion? Marketing through these various means can definitely get a little overwhelming. Here is where several applications can come in handy!

To make this process a bit easier, the following list of manageable applications can help you maintain your social media and enhance your business networking without any of the hassle.

1) Pingraphy

If your business thrives off of creativity, there’s no doubt it’s on Pinterest. But keeping to a regular pinning schedule can be a challenge for many businesses. With Pingraphy, your business can input a schedule of times for Pingraphy to automatically pin for you. You no longer have to worry about making sure to get those pins in each day, the app does it all! Pingraphy also allows you to track your likes and repins to see what your followers are most interested in. There are two plans you can choose from, the Basic or the Premium. For just $12 per month, the Basic plan allows you 100 pins, image editing and enhancing, basic analytics, and a few more features. The Premium plan, which is $28 per month, allows unlimited pins, integration with Google Analytics, up to 5 accounts, plus other special features. There’s even a 30 day trial period for both plans that is absolutely free!

2) TweetDeck

Is your business a tweeting machine? If so, hop on board the TweetDeck! TweetDeck is a free application that can be installed on your desktop or be accessed via the web and Chrome. It allows you to arrange and monitor your Twitter feed, filter what matters the most to you, schedule your tweets, and receive notification alerts so that you are always up to date with your accounts. Since TweetDeck is by Twitter, it is flexible, up to date, and perfect for organizing your Twitter accounts!

3) HootSuite

Unlike Pingraphy and TweetDeck, HootSuite caters to more than just one social media website. This app allows you to monitor Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Myspace, and plenty more. Similar to Pingraphy and TweetDeck, HootSuite allows you to schedule particular post times for your social media. There is a free version of this application with basic enhancements such as managing 5 social profiles, message scheduling, basic analytics reports, and several other perks. However, if you upgrade to the PRO version for just $8.99 per month, you can manage 50 social profiles, have access to advanced message scheduling, enhanced analytics reports, and that’s not even half of it! HootSuite is an undeniable hit with its ability to manage multiple social media sites in one easy to use app!

4) Bump

Wouldn’t it be great if you could share information through one simple touch? Well now you can, but instead of a touch, it’s a bump! By using the free Bump app, you can share documents, contact information, photos, videos, and files by conveniently bumping two phones together. Instead of scurrying to send what you need and dealing with finding contacts through your phone or email, all you need to do is bump your phone with another person who also has the Bump app. The information you want to send travels quickly. It even syncs with computers, too!

5) CardMunch

Let’s be real – nobody wants a drawer full of business cards. But if you have one, CardMunch is here to help you get organized. With this app, you can turn all of your business cards into contacts in your address book on your phone. This app helps you remember who is who without a messy pile of cards. Because CardMunch is also an app by LinkedIn, adding the business card connections through LinkedIn is easy. Best of all, it’s free!

There’s no need to struggle with organization any longer; start taking advantage of these user-friendly applications today!

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