Increase Your Business Profits Using Social Media

By Justin |  Jun 19, 2013 (5 min read)


By now your Orange County business may be involved with a variety of social media websites – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn – so what’s next? You may be using these sites to represent your brand name by socializing and connecting with followers, but why not start using them to increase your company profits?

If your business needs a little pick me up or a boost in sales, remember the following strategies for your Orange County marketing:

Market According To Season
Many businesses tend to make most of their profits during particular seasons and fade out during others. Meanwhile, there are other types of businesses that change their products according to each season. Either way, it is important to keep followers and potential clients interested in your products and services all throughout the year. Don’t go into hibernation when it is not your most profitable month! Posting during these dry spells will help keep your business fresh in people’s minds. This way, when they do decide that they need your specific product or service, it is likely that they will turn to you.

Spoil Your Followers
Offering special discounts and promotions is an easy way to increase company profits. Slow seasons are a great time to give these discounts and special offers. Be sure to really highlight these promotions in your posts so that people can see them clearly on your social media pages. Get creative and propose packaging promotions, free consultations, and even giveaways when your page reaches a certain amount of likes or followers! Free items with purchases and even coupons can definitely draw attention to your business.

Stay Committed
Be sure to stay true to all promotions that your business does offer! This will lead to loyal customers who will spread the word about their experiences with your business. Keep in mind that clients can be your biggest advertisers, whether it is by word of mouth or via the internet. Staying committed to them will help advance your business. Let customers know that you appreciate them and that staying in touch through social media can potentially provide more offers and discounts in the future!

Remember that there are always techniques to keep your business thriving – don’t let a month that’s slow to stop your business flow!

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