Case Study: How aFe Power Used Paid Social Media Ads to Drive in Traffic

By Justin |  Oct 4, 2020 (5 min read)

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Advanced FLOW engineering (aFe Power) is an American manufacturer of premium, high-performance aftermarket automotive and truck parts, and upgrade systems. Current product lines range from cold air intakes, custom exhausts, turbochargers, electronic programmers, diesel fuel systems, and more.

Their major touchpoint was needing to implement a tailored advertising strategy in order to increase sales and drive more traffic to their website.

aFe Power came to Brandastic looking to increase company revenue by way of Paid Media advertising. Their goal was to increase company revenue but was unsure of how to get started or what channels would be most effective. With that goal in mind, Brandastic’s Paid Media team got to work.

Creating Advertising Goals

The first thing that the Brandastic Paid Media team did was to create advertising goals for aFe Power, including:


  1. Build brand awareness and increasing product consideration at a lower cost;
  2. Create email marketing lists at a lower cost.
  3. Remarket vehicle-specific products to people who have shown interest and return a minimum of 1000% on spend.

With these goals in mind, Brandastic determined that the channel most relevant and most likely to succeed in accomplishing all these goals simultaneously was a full-funnel Facebook/Instagram Ads system.

Advertising Process Model Full-Funnel

With goals in hand and channel selection complete, the Brandastic team then went to work, creating a Full-Funnel Advertising Process Framework.



Top of the Marketing Funnel

To feed the funnel, Brandastic used vehicle-specific Facebook video ads and site visitors to create audiences for email list building and vehicle-specific remarketing.

Using the Facebook/Instagram video ads, Brandastic drove a steady traffic flow at .01 cent per person.


With the combination of the Facebook video ads traffic and site visitors, the Brandastic team had all they needed to move to the next step of audience creation for email list building and remarketing.

Goal 1: Accomplished!


Audience Segmentation Using Analytics

With a steady flow of people now entering the funnel, the next challenge was to create vehicle-specific audiences for email list building and product remarketing.

To accomplish this, our paid media team used Facebook/Instagram Pixels and internal Facebook/Instagram audience building functionality.


VIP Vehicle-Specific Email List Building

With audiences created, the next step was to connect the audiences to vehicle-specific list building campaigns.

For emails, the company offered gift certificates and free giveaways. Once someone signed up, they were invited to view all the performance upgrades for their vehicle on the aFe Power website.



Email List Building Results

The client’s goal for the email list building campaign was to receive email addresses at around $1.00 per person.

The average turned out to be $2.36 per person, which was a little off target.

However, this campaign also received sales from people who completed their signup and then visited aFe Power’s site.

This resulted in a 30-day return on ad spend of 1017%.

Although the campaign was costing $2.36 per person because it produced sales at over 10x spend, the client was getting the email marketing free!


Goal 2: Accomplished!


Facebook/Instagram Vehicle-Specific Carousels


With the Facebook/Instagram list building campaigns set up, the Brandastic team turned their attention to the Facebook/Instagram vehicle-specific remarketing carousel campaigns.

To have the best possible chance for success, the Brandastic paid media team worked with aFe Power and put together the best selling products per vehicle and then used those products in the carousels.


Facebook/Instagram Carousel Remarketing Campaign Results

In a 30-day time frame, the campaign saw a total return on spend of 9834%



Overall Account Performance

Overall the campaign returned a total of 1901% return on spend


Goal 3: Accomplished!


Using strategic Facebook & Instagram Ads, the Brandastic Paid Media team produced some incredible results for aFe Power.

If you’re looking to create similar paid media advertising results for your company, Brandastic is here to help. We have an experienced team of paid marketers to help create better visibility, more clicks, and more sales. Contact us today and see how we can Ignite Your Potential.

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