Client Testimonials For Your Orange County Website

By Megan |  Aug 27, 2013 (5 min read)


If your business has a stellar website but no showcase for client testimonials, you may want to start making some room. Client testimonials are a great way to help emphasize the credibility of your business and the services you provide.

Here are a few tips to help increase your number of positive client testimonials:

Asking For Testimonials

There are many different ways that you can ask a client for their feedback. Getting creative with this process can definitely increase your number of testimonials. For example, offering clients a reward for completing a survey or writing a review is one way to get them interested. When people see discount opportunities or deals, it can be motivating to take part in a survey. The fact that the client can receive some benefit from this shows that you appreciate their comments and their time. If you are not interested in creating surveys, you can still take advantage of emails and phone calls. What does this mean? Well, if you provide excellent customer service to a client, and they tell you so through email, phone, or even in person, take that moment as an opportune time to ask if you can use their quote on your web page. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the positive feedback your company receives.

Searching the Web

Searching the internet is another great way to find reviews for your company. Many people tend to talk about their experiences with companies on their social media pages. If you happen to come across positive feedback that you would like to use, be sure to ask for permission before posting it onto your website. Using the full name of the client, and possibly a picture can make your testimonials appear more professional.

Why Testimonials?           

Say you are searching the web for a new restaurant to try out and you find one that you think you might like. Chances are, you’re going to check the reviews for it (after all, you want to make sure you get quality food and service). This is exactly why testimonials are important for your business. When people find your website and search through it, they may see a great “About” page with professionally written descriptions and designs but adding testimonials is an extra reinforcement. When people read positive reviews about your company, it lets them know that you have provided quality service in the past. This can ensure that they will not be wasting their time or money on you.

Adding client testimonials to your home page or sidebar can be an extra little encouragement for someone to trust and use your company’s services.

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