Email Marketing: How to Increase Your Open Rate

By Melissa |  Aug 3, 2017 (5 min read)


Email marketing has become essential in today’s online marketing strategy. With shopping and information all accessible through the web it is no wonder that companies are seeing the increasing value of staying connected with their audience through regular email updates.

The potential that can be untapped through email marketing is endless. From various discounts and promotions to adding new content updates, there are many different ways to attract traffic to your site. With that being said, here are some surefire practices that are guaranteed to increase your email open rate.


Segment Your Email List

According to MailChimp, “Click-throughs are 195% higher in segmented email campaigns than non-segmented campaigns.”

Segmenting your email list is important for marketing more effectively to the different interests of your audience. By dividing your email list, you can tailor each email marketing piece more specifically to the interests of your customer base which will ultimately increase the chances of getting any type of conversion.

You can consider segmenting your lists based on location, job title, age, gender, industry and even the frequency of who opens your emails.


Create a Catchy Subject Line

A subject line is your chance to make a mark. Assume that your users are very busy and will have a large volume of emails to sort through. What can you do to stand out? Writing a captivating subject line can be the first step to getting your users to open your email.

Make sure that your subject lines are concise, specific and have a clear call to action. An email subject line should stray from sounding too sales driven. Using all caps or promotional sales lines might actually deter users from opening the email at all.


Time Your Emails

If you want to maximize the engagement between your readers, making sure that you send your emails at the right time is key. Choosing the right day of the week and time of day can have a large impact on the click-through rate of your email. A general rule of thumb is weekdays are better than weekends to send emails and earlier to the middle of the day tends to get more opens than towards the evening.

Creating great emails is only part of email marketing. Learning your audience and their needs is a surefire way to ensure they’re receiving and more importantly, opening your emails.

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