Shopify & Magento: Everything You Need to Know

By Sandy |  Jul 19, 2017 (5 min read)


Selecting an ecommerce platform for your online business requires taking into account many different factors. With so many platforms available today such as Shopify and Magento; it’s extremely important to focus on the needs of your own business.

In today’s article we are focusing primarily on Shopify and Magento to share some insight on what could potentially be where your online store lives.

According to Merchant Maverick, “Shopify is probably the best-known cart in the industry, boasting more than $24 billion in merchant sales since its launch in 2006. Altogether, the Magento client umbrella boasts over $50 billion in sales each year, generated from 250,000 eCommerce stores worldwide.”

In the end of the day whatever ecommerce platform you choose will be where you create, manage and maintain your online store, so knowing your goals and budget are ultimately what will help you in your decision making process. So what are the key differences between the two-ecommerce platforms?

Shopify VS Magento Features

  • Shopify is web hosted solution while Magento Community edition is self-hosted meaning that Shopify is cloud based and hosted by Shopify, where Magento requires that you set up a server.
  • Shopify is a paid for product while Magento is a free, open-source software.
  • The Shopify starter plan ($14/month) allows you a maximum of 25 store items while Magento Community edition offers an unlimited number of items.
  • Shopify does not offer coupons or discount codes with their starter plan, but Magento allows discount codes and calculation features.
  • Shopify supports over 70 payment gateways while Magento Community edition supports only a few. However, you can add more gateways through third party add ons.
  • Shopify themes start at $80 dollars while Magento paid themes start at $1.
  • Shopify does not offer full multi-lingual capabilities but have them available through 3rd party apps. Magento has more built in multi-lingual capabilities.


Ultimately, both ecommerce platforms are very powerful and provide many features. While Shopify is easy to use because it is hosted and fully managed, Magento gives greater flexibility to build an online store. At Brandastic, we are an Orange County web design and marketing agency with a specialization in WordPress and Magento support. Helping you choose the right platform with your business needs and budget in mind is our mission. To learn more about our services or to see our work, speak with one of our solution specialists today at 1.888.339.5275 and see how we can ignite your potential today!



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