Facebook Graph Search for your Orange County Business

By Sandy |  May 10, 2013 (5 min read)


Facebook rolled out Facebook Graph Search in January of 2013. Facebook Graph Search allows individuals to piece together all the activity history stored on Facebook accounts. Pictures, comments, likes, etc. – all these things can be captured using Facebook Graph Search. The implications of this function for your business are huge. Here are some tips for how Facebook Graph Search can assist your Orange County marketing.

Determine Demographics
Facebook Graph Search allows you to further understand your target demographic. For example, you could search for people that like ‘dogs’ and then you could determine what types of restaurants these people often frequent. If you are a restaurant trying to determine whether or not to pay for advertisement at a dog show, Graph Search could be useful in making the decision.

Building a Brand Through Passive Marketing
Every type of business should have an active Facebook page, and you should absolutely link your Orange county website to your Facebook page if you have not already. Through Facebook Graph Search, potential customers can search in a certain area/location, and query which businesses have the most ‘likes.’ An important part of your Facebook marketing strategy should be to ask fans and potential customers for ‘likes’ on Facebook. In this way, current customers can help build future customers without any extra effort on the part of the business owner.

Marketing Magic
If your business is looking to infuse their advertisements with a little something new, Facebook Graph Search would allow businesses to learn of customer interests and combine images or ideas in one advertisement. For example, if you find that individuals that like cake often like ice cream, (and who doesn’t?) you could create an ad featuring cake and ice cream.

Content Curation
Using Facebook Graph Search, you can determine if your shared content on Facebook has been getting much activity, or you can determine what type of content is shared most often. If you query ‘photos taken in bowling alleys’ you could potentially receive inspiration for your bowling alley for a photo shoot or blog post. What are people most likely to comment on and share?

As delineated above, information captured by Facebook Graph Search could potentially be invaluable for the growth of your Orange County business and could provide some inspiration for your marketing and website as well. You should search your own business on Facebook Graph Search and determine what people are saying, and use Facebook Graph Search for future inspiration.

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