Helpful Home Page Design Tips for Your Orange County Business – Part Two

By Andy |  Feb 5, 2013 (5 min read)


Welcome to the second installment of information that will boost your Orange County marketing through brilliant home page design. Last week highlights included making the home page immediately answer questions like, “Who is the company and what does the company do?” along with “What can the customer do?” or “What service does the customer get?” This week has more detailed information as you think about your home page.

Conversion: Calls to Action and Contact Information
For the highest conversion possible (this is the proportion of people that actually do something on your site, as opposed to just looking at it) you must have a call to action on your home page. Examples are: Buy this, click here, type here, comment here, watch this video, fill in this form now, etc.

However, some people are ready to ‘convert’ and just need contact information – so make sure that a phone number, email address, or order form is readily available, easy to see, or only a click away (www.marketingtechblog.com)

Social Presence
Make sure that you have icons or links to your other social media sites on your home page. Many Fortune 500 companies put these links on the bottom right, other companies on the top right underneath the links to other pages. If people are not ready to buy, or want more information, or want to engage with other fans, it is important to have active Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and of course Pinterest icons on your home page.

Squeeze the Details
Though this is an extra feature, you might want to consider a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a landing page the user first lands on without an exit link that is meant to capture the email address of the user. If you do not want to use a squeeze page, consider a link for a newsletter sign up on your home page, or easy to access place to enter the email of the user. The goal of your Orange County business is to get more customers – and you need to have access to their information to do this. (There will be another post coming soon outlining how to not annoy your users with emails and other solicitations.)

Your Orange County website design should create an enjoyable experience for your users and should have some key features in order to help you capture more customers. Stay tuned for the final post on the home page layout next week.


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