How to Get The Most Value from Your Pay Per Click Conversions [VIDEO]

By Erin |  Nov 22, 2019 (5 min read)

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Did you know that 86% of Google’s revenue comes from the Google Ads platform? This trend is a big reason why Google is getting broader with their targeting suggestions.

If you are using the Google Ads platform, you must get the most value you can from each PPC ad that you run. Here are three tips to ensure you get the most from your conversions.

1) Choose the Right Conversion Event

Conversion events are subjective and vary for each campaign. They can include a click, a scroll, or a lead form submission. That’s why it’s essential to know exactly what you want to target.

The conversion event you choose should always align with your marketing goals. Are you running a brand awareness campaign? Or a lead generation campaign?

Knowing what your goal is will help to improve the quality of your conversions. Keep in mind, there are some technical aspects to better conversions, so you might need to bring in a developer or an agency to help.

2) Click Attribution

Click attribution is deciding which click gets the credit for the sales in your business. You first have to know where the users are in your marketing funnel. Next, you have to understand the four different models for click attribution:

1st Click – this gives credit to the first time a user clicks on your ad
Last Click – this gives credit to the last time a user clicks on your ad before they buy
Linear – this gives equal weight to every point at which a user has touched your campaign
Time Decay – over time, the value of each of the clicks goes down by half

Of course, there isn’t one absolute correct attribution model for a campaign, but each can help give you a clearer picture of which click is most valuable.

3) Track Success & Failures

When you complete a PPC campaign, collect and then analyze all your conversion data.

Ask yourself these two key questions:

  • What made this campaign successful?
  • What made it not successful?

Be sure to take insights from the data points. They offer valuable insights into how users are interacting with your ads.

At the end of the day, you’re spending money on Google’s Ad platform. For this reason, you must be clear on the value you are getting from the money you’re spending. The more you know, the better you can optimize your future Pay Per Click campaigns for successful conversions.

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