3 Ways to Stay in Contact During Lockdown [VIDEO]

By Justin |  Jun 26, 2020 (5 min read)

Life in the Agency | Video

Even though we are facing roadblocks with going remote, one blessing of the current time we live in is the technology that we have available.

The online communication tools we’ve begun to take for granted are (for many people) the new way they are staying connected.

Best of all, in some cases, they can make a business more efficient.

Here are some of the best ways to stay connected with your team and customers with online tools.

Weekly Zoom Meetings

The whole world right now seems to be depending on video chat and conferencing tools to do business.

One way we’ve been using Zoom is for Monday Morning ’Kickoff’ Meetings.

We find it a great way to get everyone on the same page and to see each others faces. Another fun activity we tried was to add different backgrounds on our screen to create different themes for the week.

Running your team meetings via Zoom can be a challenge to keep engagement high. Asking lots of questions to get people involved and finding ways to have some fun will really help everyone connect.

In these times when everyone is separate, it’s still important to find ways to bring everyone together to maintain morale.

Create Slack Channels

Slack can be an amazing collaboration tool when used to keep your team connected. It’s like a direct link between everyone on your team all at once.

Through using video and audio calls in chat it helps everyone to see each other, and have a more personal connection via their webcams.

You can also set up specific channels for different teams or departments within your organization. You can even have different channels that you invite clients to join to stay in better connection. This helps to share files and drive new ideas for the team.

Slack is a multi-dimensional work tool that really helps bring a team closer when working at a distance.
If you want a way to keep your business team in sync while working remotely, then Slack is an awesome tool.

Best of all, it’s free to start so it’s worth trying out and seeing if it helps your team.

Grateful Check-Ins

One exercise that has helped boost morale is what we call ‘grateful check-ins’. This is where the team can share any person on the team they are grateful for over the past week.

This activity sets the tone for how everything happens during the next week. It helps to improve morale and to create a better focus on the positive.

Build Your Team Morale

Going remote wasn’t easy for a lot of businesses, and to stay afloat during these times has been a great challenge.
Using the tools available and focusing on the relationships that bond the team together is key to weathering the storms, and growing through these challenging times.

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