Conversion Copywriting for More Sales

By Justin |  Mar 31, 2016 (5 min read)


Looking to increase your website conversion rate?


What words share your message as effectively as possible?


The average American can see up to 300-700 marketing messages every day, according to conservative estimates. With so much banner noise, every marketing angle needs to shine with a purpose and rise above the dark matter of flash ads and useless sidebars. You can spend the majority of your time in the design phase of marketing and website development, but A/B testing shows that even small details such as single word choices, can have considerable results.


Continue reading to see how simple word choice can drastically improve your conversion rates.

Emotion Drives Conversions


That should be a marketing slogan.

Every word, especially in headlines, call to actions, and conversion buttons should be made to drive the audience to do something, whether to purchase a product or to reflect on something. The words you use can relate what you have to say most effectively.


To help, here are the top word choices for different sets of emotions, and their use cases.


  • Emotion
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Instant Gratification
  • Loyalty/Commitment
  • Useful For
  • Actionable Items
  • Showcasing Benefits
  • Highlighting Community
  • Word Choice
  • Now, Hurry, Ends Soon
  • Instantly, New, You
  • Join, Become, Share
  • Use Case
  • Promotions, Conversion buttons
  • Leads, Headlines, Persuasive Copy
  • Sign-Ups, Trial Offers, Social Sharing





The art of content marketing comes into play by how you weave these into your natural brand story. Plastering “JOIN NOW!!!” all over every button and call to action will lend the user to ignore all the marketing noise, successfully ruining any chance of positive conversion rate performance.

Crafting simple, elegant pieces of information that give users what they are looking for, will be far better received. For higher conversion rates, embark on an early Spring Cleaning of your website content, and incorporate the “less is more” approach. You will find your audience to be more engaging.

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