Improve Lead Generation Through Lead Nurturing

By Erin |  Jul 14, 2016 (5 min read)



In today’s competitive market, launching your business through the web requires treating your website as an ongoing relationship. Creating a powerful lead generation website begins by investing in lead nurturing. While mass advertising might have drawn in customers in the past, today businesses must find personal ways to reach their audience, by establishing continual relationships through their websites. Lead generation can bridge the gap between unknown prospects and long-term loyal customers. Follow these basic lead principles and nurture your prospects into leads.

Call to Actions

Call to actions are the key piece to moving people along your conversion funnel. Whatever you decide to place in your CTA is what you ultimately want your visitors to do. Keeping your call to action clear helps your customers navigate through your site in an efficient and effective manner.

According to a Hubspot survey: 

“companies with 30+ landing pages on their website generate 7x more leads than companies with 1 to 5 landing pages.”

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great space to give your visitors the exact information they are looking for. Landing pages can be used for forms, CTAs, and are ideal for guiding your clients from beginning to end. Keeping your forms simple, and offering specials in a non-obtrusive way, will help generate a higher lead yield on landing pages.

Thank You Pages

Thank you pages should not be treated as an afterthought to the landing page. These pages help keep your users engaged on your website. Any great business understands that there are secondary lead conversion opportunities to be found even in a Thank you, Page. This is a great space for social sharing buttons as well as other related offers.

At Brandastic, we believe that your brand is not just your story, it’s your journey. Taking the time to nurture and care for your brand is ultimately how you care for your customers. That is why we build and design eCommerce sites with lasting custom features that will continue to grow with your business and your needs. To learn more about how to start your Brand Care journey with us, give us a call at 949.899.7340 and let us help you Ignite your Potential® today!

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