Keyword Research: Find Keywords that Are Profitable

By Justin |  Sep 27, 2017 (5 min read)


Millions of different types of keywords are typed into a search engine every single day. The reasons and motivations for people who turn to search engines are just as diverse. Take for example someone who types, “Laptop” as opposed to “Best 14-inch laptop reviews,” or even “Buy HP 14-Inch X laptop series.”

The person who typed “laptop” is seeking information with no buying intent. That is going to pull up search results that are articles and informational content pieces. This type of search will not contain any modifiers and will only contain one to two keywords.

Then there is the person who typed “best 14-inch laptop reviews” this person is using general modifiers to help compare products as they shop. This helps them gain more information about a product that they have interest in and are beginning to have a certain expectation in mind.

Finally there is the user that types “buy HP 14-inch X laptop online,” now even though this isn’t a real laptop series this example is to show the results of a very specific search. This is for the buyer that knows exactly what they are looking for and are looking for where to make the purchase.

Every purchase begins with a search that is why keyword research is so important for any business that is going to start a PPC strategy. You have to understand your customer and business objectives and needs in order to implement the right strategy. For instance, if you are on a small budget for your Adword’s campaign then you want to target the specific buyer because they will likely be the quickest to convert into a customer.

Now that you know the importance of keyword research, how do you create a keyword strategy? A great starting point is using Google’s Keyword Planner. This tool is already provided by Google and is extremely useful for finding out what keywords to bid and what their competition is. Another method is to get straight to the source and ask your customers! Creating surveys and seeing what they typed to find you is a great way to cancel out the guessing.

Learning to choose the right keywords and modifiers that will funnel in converting customers can yield some very profitable results. At Brandastic, we’re always focused on the strategy that will get you the results your business wants and needs. With Google certified specialists on our team, see how you can partner with us to ignite your potential today!

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