LinkedIn Marketing for your Orange County Business

By Erin |  Dec 19, 2012 (5 min read)


LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals that has been around since 2003. You could think of it like Facebook for the working world, but it has grown to so much more. On LinkedIn, individuals can put past jobs, present job descriptions, and people you know can leave you reviews and vouch for your skills and accomplishments. Just like Pinterest has added corporate pages, so has LinkedIn. You cannot manage your company LinkedIn page exactly like your personal page; here are some tips to make your company page stand out on LinkedIn (entrepreneur.com, examiner.com).

Add a Banner
Add a Banner to your home tab; the picture should be 646 x 220 pixels.

Add key words to your descriptions in the “About Section.” Even though this has been moved to the bottom of the page, it is still important for SEO of your Orange County Business.

Think Engagement
You only need about 100-200 followers to have your page start getting a buzz.

Feature Your Products – Prominently
Use the products section to showcase new or popular products. Showcase free products, conferences, articles, etc.

Ask People for Recommendations
Recommendations have now been prominently displayed on the side of the LinkedIn page for all to see – run a campaign to ask people to recommend your company – maybe host a contest on the Products section. This will help your Orange County marketing  by creating marketing content for you.

Engage Your Audience with Content
Post a link to an article and ask for feedback on the LinkedIn page. Images are larger now, so give updates that are interesting and relevant. Use images also. If you copy and paste a link to an article in, edit the URL to keep the page clean. Customize the text, ask your audience questions. Create polls. Move updates to the top of the page to highlight them. You can even target which groups get which updates. Always review your feedback; which posts are getting the most traffic?

Update your Job Postings
Make sure that this section is up to date; job seekers will then start using your LinkedIn page maybe even more than your website career section – a sure way to drive traffic to your LinkedIn page.

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