Balancing Blogs and Business: Social Media the Smart Way

By Justin |  Dec 7, 2012 (5 min read)


A recent survey by Vertical Response found that one-third of small business owners would like to spend less time on social media. So, even though social media is purported to be an important part of your Orange County marketing strategy, make sure that you are using social media in a smart way.

Think Product, Not Pins

A conundrum of small Orange County business owners is how to balance time. Should I be pinning or producing? For many people, the answer might be the latter. Use common sense: sometimes the focus should be on customer service instead of social media. Also, some mega-successful brands like Apple don’t do social media. If you have a great product, enough conversation is generated on its own.

Advertisements Were the Original ‘Content’

Many business owners are considering splitting their time between building content on their website, like blogs etc, as an alternative form of advertising. Business owners need to be smart about this – which is generating more traffic? Your ads or your own words?

The Flip Side: Don’t Ignore Social Media or Marketing

Marketing should take 80% of your profits and should take time. Social media should not be ignored though it can be challenging, marketing, in general, is not easy. Do not spread your resources too thin, and focus on what is actually working. If you are generating more leads through Pinterest, drop to tweeting once a week. If your Facebook page is leading to actual business page clicks, then focus your efforts on that.

Use Social Media the Smart Way

Limit the gimmicks; a contest might bring in some new views on your page, but you want to focus on your super fans. Email remains the best means to generate ROI contrary to popular belief ((Mashable.com, Spencer Richardson). Social media is supposed to be just that – social. Think of Facebook and other social media outlets as a way to continue and promote conversations and to connect current users – but you have to have a product to talk about, and buyers and users of your product. It is unlikely that you will generate multitudes of new views from your Facebook page, but if you can create a more holistic experience for your current users, then you are well on your way to creating a stronger connection with your client base. The question should be, how does this add value to my existing customer?

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