Pinterest Business Page: A Boon to your Orange County Marketing

By Megan |  Nov 30, 2012 (5 min read)


Pinterest recently released its new Business page. If your company is not on Pinterest, it should be. Pinterest has over 10 million users and could provide a huge boost to your internet marketing. If your company is already on Pinterest, you can convert your existing page to a business page quite easily.

Converting or Signing up for Pinterest Business Page

1. To change your page from a personal to a business page, go to www.pinterest.com/business/convert after logging in to your account.

2. Complete the fields – don’t forget to customize your URL.

3. You will have to verify your account, so visit the “Settings” page and click on the “Verify Website” button.

4. You will be asked to download an HTML verification file that you can upload to your web server. After verification, Pinterest users will be able to see that your site is verified with a checkmark.

5. The board widget that searches business pages will highlight one board for your business.

6. You can then embed buttons like “Pin It,” and “Follow” on your regular website.

Embedding Pinterest Buttons on Your Website

1. Go to http://business.pinterest.com/widget-builder/#do_pin_it_button

2. Then you can pick if you want to add a button for any image on a page or just one image. The website address includes the code that you can insert.

Integrating Pinterest with Your Facebook Page

1. Go to your settings page on Pinterest and click “Link to Facebook.”  You can now share the pins you create on Facebook and you can automatically use your pins on your Facebook timeline by clicking “Add to Facebook Timeline.”

Creating a Facebook custom Pinterest Tab

 1. You can add Pinterest as a tab without any coding. This is the easiest way but not necessarily the cleanest way – more instructions will follow in future blogs.

2. Log in as the administrator of your Facebook page and add the static iFrame tab,


3. You will now have a tab called ‘Welcome” which you can edit. Click this new “Welcome” tab and authorize the app.

4. Click on Settings, then you want to select the “Page Source” as URL, type in the URL of your Pinterest business page.

5. Click on the “view tab” in the right-hand corner and you can preview your tab.

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