7 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies That Work

By Stacy |  Jan 22, 2022 (5 min read)

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Even in 2022, many people still viewed LinkedIn simply as a resume and job posting site.

But times have changed, especially for those businesses in B2B industries. LinkedIn is swiftly turning into a lead generation juggernaut. Consider some of these statistics for LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation:

  • In 2021, More than 80% of social-generated B2B leads came directly from LinkedIn. Today, LinkedIn has over 500 Million registered users, with over 260 Million of them logging in at least once a month.
  • On top of this, 61 million LinkedIn users are senior-level executives or managers, and 40 million LinkedIn Users are in decision-making positions.
  • Today over 80% of all business leads come from LinkedIn, while only 20% come from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined.

All this data points to one important fact: if you’re not utilizing the LinkedIn platform correctly, your business is potentially missing out on high-quality leads.

To get the most from the amazing opportunity, here are 7 LinkedIn marketing strategies that work:

1) Set Up a LinkedIn Company Page

Every company that has a presence on LinkedIn has a distinct advantage when they have a company LinkedIn page. Setting up a company page gives your company its own space inside of LinkedIn, where you can post, share, comment and like other people’s content. It allows you to promote your brand as a separate entity from your own personal LinkedIn profile. Creating a Company Page on LinkedIn is free, straightforward, and easy. One important point is to make sure your logo, cover image and company description match your brand.

2) Share Your Company’s Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s revamped content platform is helping businesses engage with each other and share information in a more professional context. A LinkedIn article can be a great way to grab attention on the news feed as well as keep in touch with your followers.

Content marketing today is an essential piece of any marketing strategy. However, a lot of businesses miss out on more exposure by forgetting to post to LinkedIn. For example, if you are writing and publishing weekly articles on your company blog, make sure to share them on LinkedIn or repurpose them as LinkedIn Articles. If your company is growing or offering new services, you can put together a simple press release and share it on LinkedIn. It is also wise to update your Company LinkedIn Page to reflect any updates your company has.

LinkedIn has also begun supporting native video content, and by sharing your own videos that have been uploaded to LinkedIn, you are more likely to get views and attention for your brand.

3) Run LinkedIn Retargeted Ads to Your Website Visitors

Compared to other social platforms, LinkedIn used to offer a very weak ads platform. The good news is that they are finally getting better at the basics of social media advertising and B2B marketing.

With the new Matched Audiences Tool LinkedIn allows you retarget visitors that have previously visited your website. Similar to a sponsored post on Facebook, you can pay to reach a larger audience on The prospects available to you via LinkedIn are typically a much better fit for your sales funnel. Especially in the B2B arena. LinkedIn Ads also gives you the ability to add email contacts to target with ads, or even upload existing accounts. With LinkedIn advertising and the Matched Audiences Tool, you’ll always know exactly who you’re advertising.

4) LinkedIn InMail gets 2.6x Better Response Rates

InMail became a must-have tool when it came to LinkedIn back in 2019. Of course, InMail is not a free feature, but the $79 per month is well worth it. With LinkedIn InMail, you are able to directly reach out and contact any of the over 575 million users on LinkedIn. You are also not limited to how many people you can connect with on a monthly basis. LinkedIn themselves report that InMail response rates are 3x that of traditional emails. As a bonus, they include analytics to help you finalize your ad spend and tactics.

5) Keep up-to-date with the LinkedIn Marketing Blog

Keeping up to date with the latest trends on LinkedIn marketing is actually easy, especially when you can straight to the source.

The LinkedIn Marketing Blog publishes its own custom curated range of articles to help you learn more about effective marketing on the platform. Following the LinkedIn Marketing Blog will help you learn the platform’s toolkit and keep you informed on new updates and features. You can also take advantage of great resources such as the Sophisticated Marketers Guide to LinkedIn which will give you everything you need to know to get started on the platform.

6)  Utilize LinkedIn Groups

An often overlooked LinkedIn feature for marketers are the various groups for all different industries and niches. Look for a LinkedIn group with active conversations going on and participate in the conversation. When you engage as an active member of a group, you and your brand will gain trust and credibility.

Whether you’re looking for a new employee, job, lead, or feedback there’s bound to be an active forum to fit your needs. If nothing else, connecting with your audience builds up an important level of brand recognition among high-quality potential customers, employees, companies, and more.

7) Demonstrate Value

Research potential leads and make sure you’re providing them with some sort of value before reaching out. You need to put in the initial investment to get to know your customer’s wants and needs before attempting to build a relationship. For example, if you know you can’t personally help answer someone’s questions, connect them to someone in your network that can.

View your LinkedIn network as people to help out and impress rather than just simply sell to. Just like anything else worth pursuing, getting results takes time.

If you are looking to grow your visibility in the B2B marketplace, then having a strong LinkedIn strategy is a no-brainer for digital marketing. With the increase in content visibility, advertising options and the ability to target decision-makers at every level, the time invested in LinkedIn marketing will pay dividends.

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