3 Reasons to Change your SEO Strategy in 2019 [VIDEO]

By Justin |  Jan 7, 2019 (4 min read)

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Now that the new year is upon us, it’s time to think about how to grow your customers and sales in 2019.

The last few years have shown that if you can’t be found online, then you can’t expect to stay competitive. With companies like Amazon and Google dominating the digital space, all business owners and marketing professionals need to pay more attention to SEO and online marketing.

If you manage the marketing or eCommerce sales for your company, and you want to see growth in 2019, then here are three key reasons to change your strategy in 2019.

1) On-Page Strategy

Your on-page SEO strategy is everything that happens inside your website. This includes words, images, videos, links, etc. It is everything that someone sees and interacts with once they are visiting your site.

An on-page strategy has to be updated often. Products are being updated every season or quarter. You need to make sure you have proper canonical tags and metadata in each product description. Otherwise, the search engines don’t know what you have featured on your website and won’t list it in search results.

One essential tool we use to help understand on-page SEO effectiveness is Moz, which helps to understand the domain authority and page authority on each page.

To take it a step further, we use another tool called Screaming Frog. This allows us to pull down every data point on every page of a website, export this to excel, and then make line-by-line updates to make sure it’s perfect.

Taking these steps might feel like extra work, but they can have a significant effect on your success.

2) Off-Page Strategy

Your off-page SEO is everything you do outside your website to make sure people know about it and can find it. This includes having the right keywords in place, good quality backlinks, and strong social media marketing.

One of the best things you can do to improve your off-page strategy is to look around your business ecosystem and who you can reach out to. Make connections with those people and businesses and share what you are doing in your market. If you have personal relationships with people in your industry, you can ask them to link back to you as a starting point.

An excellent tool that helps you better reach out to influencers is a tool we use called Buzzstream. It allows you to understand who are the key people in each industry, who is blogging, who is talking about them, and how you can connect with them personally.

These steps are a great starting point to build the buzz around your brand and products.

3) Content Strategy

The famous phrase ‘content is king’ is still relevant in 2019. More than ever companies are blogging, starting podcasts, online video programs and a lot more to drive traffic to their websites.

This strategy is hugely important because the more content you have online, the more places it can go, and the more people you will bring in to your website.

Ideally, you should have a content writer on staff in your business, somebody who can share the best ideas and news about your business and industry. A daily focus on content is what is needed in 2019 to make a dent and to see the growth that you want.

There is so much to learn about SEO that it can feel overwhelming. The best way to stay on top of your SEO is to look at the metrics. If you don’t look at the metrics for your business, you can’t really tell if what you are doing is working. Your analytics should be reviewed once a week minimum.

If you need help with ramping up your SEO strategy and increasing your Google rankings in 2019, then we are here to help. Brandastic is a full-service advertising and SEO agency with locations in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Austin, TX that specializes in digital marketing, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. We can help you change your SEO strategy and see bigger results from your marketing. Contact us today to get started.

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