3 Secrets to Better Instagram Engagement [VIDEO]

By Melissa |  Mar 11, 2019 (3 min read)

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It’s no secret that Instagram has grown into a huge platform in terms of activity and engagement. Today there are over 1 Billion users, with 500 million users visiting the site daily.

That adds up to a lot of eyeballs and attention that can prove valuable if you put it to proper use for your business.

Here are three secrets that will help you engage better with your audience on Instagram:

1) Show your human side

People love to watch other people. You’ve probably noticed on social media whenever a picture of your family or friends scrolls by, you are more drawn to it. It’s the same thing when it comes to your business customers. If you want to get more attention, use photographs of your team, your customers and real human beings whenever possible.

2) Tag Locations and People

On Instagram, it is incredibly easy to tag location and people whenever you post. If your company is at a specific location, use that location in every post. This allows Instagram users to find you in location searches.

The same goes for people. If people on your team, your customers or other businesses are willing to be tagged, then make sure you tag them. Doing this notifies them that they’ve been tagged, making them more likely to engage. As well as this, people they know will have a higher chance of seeing the tags as well.

3) Use Stories Every Day

Instagram Stories are featured at the top of the app, which means a huge exposure opportunity. If you update your stories every single day, this means your customers and prospects are seeing your stories every single day.

When using Instagram Stories, you can show more of your human side. Show the ‘behind the scenes’ glimpses of your business via your IG Stories. These stories don’t even need to be perfectly produced. In fact, the more personal the more engaging it can be.

Instagram is the first mobile-only platform the breakthrough into the business market. So make sure you‘re using to your full advantage to grow the revenue of your business.


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